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Ways to Relax at Home - Who Needs Hawaii?

Sherry L Harris

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All of us need a break every now and then, but the question is what to do with the time off. A popular way to relax is to go on vacation. However, stop and think about how many of your vacations have been truly relaxing. Unfortunately, the stress of packing and planning and getting everything right can make a vacation less relaxing than it was intended to be. When relaxation is desperately needed, sometimes it is best to just stay home. It may not be a five star resort, but it's a place where you are comfortable and you don't have to bleed money to stay there.

Here are some ideas for way to relax at home.

1) Take A Bath - A bath can be taken in solitude or with your partner, and it is almost always an enjoyable experience. It can be especially nice on a cold night. Fill up your tub with hot water, and add a smell that you know you will enjoy. Some common bath scents are lavender, sandalwood and chamomile. All of these are known to be relaxing.

Hot water also relaxes the tension in your muscles so you will feel great after you get out of the bath. One thing to remember is to take your bath at least an hour before you want to go to sleep. If your body temperature is too elevated it will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. If you have time for a full night of relaxation, a hot bath followed by your favorite movie can be a nice treat.

2) Watch A Movie - Speaking of movies, they are a good way to relax for pretty much everyone. Think about it, have you ever met someone who didn't have a favorite movie? Most people have a movie they will never get sick of, and it always makes them happy to watch it. It's not just the movie though, it's the whole experience. Make your home feel like a movie theater. Make your favorite kind of popcorn, and get your favorite kind of movie candy. If you have a significant other, turn it into a date night. It can be just as enjoyable as going to the theater, without spending the money. Also, you can cozy up in your pajamas on the couch instead of dressing up to go out.

3) Dinner Party - Invite a few friends over to play games, have a couple of drinks, reminisce about the good times you have had over the years. The one thing you definitely want to do is not cook anything. Make you sure you cater the food. Remember you are trying to relax. There is no need to do anything overly fancy. It is you and your best friends getting together for a calm relaxing evening.

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