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Three Stress Tips For a Stress Free Life


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Many people experience numerous pressures in life that Stress tips can help with.  They find that they are unhealthy, they are overweight and they hate their job.  This is a typical feeling for many people in the world and they are not content with themselves.  They are constantly searching, fighting and looking for themselves when all they need to do is follow three simple stress tips to a stress free life.

The first key is to remember to breathe.  
Breathe deeply and with a purpose.  This breath helps to remind you that you are alive and that you are you.  The action of breathing fills your lungs with the world and allows you to release all that is bad, stressful and painful.  The good is allowed to remain inside the body and you are able to feel and think clearer.  One of the best ways to relieve your stress and the pressures of life is to take a moment to yourself and breathe.  Breathe to release all that is bothering and all that is pressure.  This can be done as a simple meditation in the mornings or in your office while you are alone, you may even choose to do this before going to bed so that you will sleep freer.  Wake up early and take a moment to breathe.  Allow the morning sun to warm you and awaken you.  Allow your stress and pressures to melt away with every ray and every breath.  You will feel more relaxed and prepared to take on the day that lies ahead.
The second key is to smile.  
When you smile, it is impossible to be unhappy and it is impossible for others to be unhappy.  You will feel as though you are right with the world and all is good.  It is nearly impossible to be negative when you have a smile upon your face.  No matter what there will be good and there will be bad in the world, but with a smile on your face you can make yourself and your own world a bit happier and a bit brighter.  If you smile big enough you will find that those around you will smile as you are more positive and you exude confidence in yourself and in others.
The third key is to be grateful.  
No matter what religious beliefs you have there is a greater power than us all.  Be grateful for that power in your life and those around you.  Be grateful to those who help you to be successful and they will be grateful to you for helping them be successful in making you a success. Not everything can be right or wrong and be grateful for that.  A grateful and neutral mindset will keep the powers of everyday life from building in your mind and on your shoulders.  Be grateful that you are playing a part in the world and fulfilling your role.  Every person has a role in life or they would not exist.  Find yourself and your role and be grateful that you are able to perform that role on a daily basis.  Be grateful for those that help you in fulfilling your role and they will be grateful for you in helping to fulfill theirs.

By using the simple methods of breathing, smiling and gratefulness, an individual is able to release the pressures and stress of the world and to fill comfortable within themselves.  They are able to release the pressures of life and enjoy the blessings of life.  By following these three simple methods the world melts away and you are content with you.
These three stress tips may be practiced on a daily basis or as often as you need them.  Take a moment to yourself to breathe and release and be.  Do not take everything seriously and do not let everything fall on your shoulders.  There are many people in the world and they all have a purpose.  It is not your purpose to take on everybody else's work, sorrow or pain.  Take yours with a purpose and when the load gets to heavy take a minute to release it and live your life as yours.  You will find a life that becomes healthier, happier and stressfree.

Felix Nutter
Coach Life Training Uk


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