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Overachievers Anonymous Or Stress and High Blood Pressure Sufferer


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Most people would assume that Type A personalities would suffer from high blood pressure due to their proclivity to take on great amounts of stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, being highly competitive, pessimistic, and maintaining high levels of stress can have bad consequences. There are definite links between high blood pressure and stress.

Too Busy To Be Stressed?
Workplace stress can have an affect on one's stress level. From dealing with a very demanding supervisor to being faced with hectic deadlines and heavy workloads, a person may become overwhelmed by it all. Stress at home from constantly dealing with difficult family situations may add to the level of stress as well. Some people deal with these types of stress by developing an alcohol and/or drug addiction or even an eating disorder. All of these may lead to higher blood pressure.

Short Term Effects Of Stress
In the past, our ancestors would chase down their dinner or run from dangerous carnivores. This would require a physical response from their bodies to be able to handle the situation. In today's society we face different threats and situations such as dealing with rush hour traffic and working for the public. Our bodies handle such situations by producing higher levels of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol both of which cause the heart to beat faster and constriction of blood vessels.
While short-term spikes may not produce noticeable harm to one's body, the long-term effects are very real. Constant jumps in blood pressure can lead to kidney, heart and blood vessel damage just as much as sustained high blood pressure levels may.

What Can Be Done
There are different ways that the level of stress may be reduced. One way is to make a simplified schedule. Needless activities can be reduced or eliminated completely.  Exercise has also been proven to reduce stress. One of the most important steps is to get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation can make small issues grow to titanic proportions. By finding out which ways work, one can easily reduce their stress level and in turn have a positive effect on their blood pressure as well. There is no need for stress and high blood pressure but it is down to YOU to do something about it.

Felix Nutter
Coach Life Training Uk

stress and high blood pressure sufferer

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How to Cause High Blood Pressure
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