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Dealing With Stress, Rigorously


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Many people are stressed nowadays. They know they should relax. But they just can't. To many people dealing with stress is a big problem. When they try to meditate, they cannot stop their thoughts and then they stop trying. And they just go on with their busy busy lives.

Do you also have problems dealing with your stress? Then you should take action. Or maybe I should say: you should take less action. But please decide to really change your life. If you don't take time out for yourself right now, you may be forced to take your time in the future, by illness, accident or other disaster that can happen when not dealing with your stress.

So you have to be rigorous

1. Take an hour for yourself today. Go outside to walk and move in the bright air. Put into your mind that this is the most important thing to do today and give yourself this hour and from now on everyday

2. Schedule a whole day off. Especially when your mind cannot stop thinking. Just relax the whole day, Take for example your whole day in a spa with sauna, swimming and massage. You will notice that the first few hours, your thoughts still don't want to stop, but after those few hours you will relax: I promise!

3. Plan a holiday. As soon as possible. If this is difficult, be sure to convince your boss or your family how very much you need it. Tel l them that you are at the point of collapsing. And that's not what you and they want.

When you stick to this plan and really do those steps, you will get a present. And that present is: time. You will notice that when you take enough time for yourself, there will be more time left over to do your work and more time for your family. It's weird, but it is the truth! Isn't that worth trying?

Annelies Hilgers is an online coach. She advises hundreds of people through the internet. She takes you by the hand with her step to step advice on releasing Stress, Frustration. Anxiety, Anger and other negative emotions. Want some help with your problem? Ask Annelies for free: dealingwithstress and get your free ebook about emotional health at the same time.


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Tools and Techniques For Dealing With Stress
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