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4 Stress Reducer Tips to Tame Your Stress


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According to experts in the medical field, stress itself is a neutral term. Without stressors, life might actually be uninteresting and boring. There will be a lack of motivation. There are good stress and bad stress. The key to managing stress is by learning to recognize whether it is good or bad and the stress reducer for that situation.

Negative emotions and negative thoughts are bad stress

Negative emotions like depression, hostility and anxiety can be classified as bad stress. Such emotions will set off a pattern of unhealthy effects on our bodies that will eventually inflict serious damage. This especially increases the risk of cardiac patients. Prolonged stress can also lead to diseases like nervous breakdowns, high blood pressure and even mental illnesses. Negative thoughts can cause just about the same health problems as negative emotions. Positive thoughts are stress reducers.

Assertive communication is not bad

The ways we communicate with others do determine the stress we experience. Assertive communication is honest, direct and yet respectful of the other persons’ rights and feelings. Non-assertive communication is dishonest, self-degrading and unfair to the extent that it violates one's own rights and desires. This form of communication does not work out as a stress reducer. This is often only because of the pressure to avoid conflict and confrontation or just to please people.

But in contrast, aggressive communication is controlling and dominating and disrespectful. So, here we are not talking about this kind of communication.

Do you have a support network?

Mortality rates of people living alone, especially the elderly are higher than those living with a family member or even a pet. In fact studies have shown that isolation is hazardous to one's health. When you have people who believe in you and listen to you, it can go a long way towards helping you feel better when you are stressed up. Being part of a mutually supportive relationship helps with a sense of being loved and needed. It also promotes a belonging. So, whether having just only a pet, companionship has demonstrated substantial benefits in reducing stress. So, if you need to get a pet, certainly a stress reducer, why not go and get yourself one now?

You must love yourself

Do you love yourself? Most people have the tendency to push our bodies unhealthily. Not eating properly, not getting enough sleep and overworking is so common with people these days. Over or under eating can cause guilt and other negative and destructive emotions. This is certainly negative stress. Insufficient sleep can cause further sleeplessness and eventually leads to moodiness. It can also alter one's ideal sleep schedule.

We must, therefore, practice good habits to love ourselves. Habits of proper sleeping hours, sufficient sleep, good nutrition as well as exercise will go a long way to help our bodies reach the level of optimal balance. Such good habits are good stress reducers. This in turn will position us better to combat stress well.

P Tay is a Lifestyle Specialist. Her passion is to help people rise above the stress of daily life and enjoy the benefits of a relax and healthy lifestyle. Visit her website at for more encouraging and useful tips.


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