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Learning to Cope With and Get Rid of Stress and Panic

Kevin Sinclair

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Stress and panic seem to come with everyday life for many of us and learning to control and cope with this can mean less time in the doctor's office being sick. Stress is not something to turn your nose up at because if it is not treated it can lead to serious illnesses and possibly diseases. What happens is when we let our stress build and build and not control it our bodies become more prone to illnesses because prolonged stress leads to a chemical imbalance in the body. Therefore, if left unchecked stress can lead to many more problems than most people have realized.

Now is the time to learn to cope and manage stress before it is too late to stop some sort of illness affecting you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, stress is a part of everyday life and it can come from many different places. Stress is caused mostly by worrying about something or feeling nervous about something. If you learn to stop worrying and being nervous so much you can stop stress before it gets too bad. It's human nature to make a big deal out of the little things because in our minds those little things are not just little things to us.

Sometimes things just seem so much worse than they really are and it can be very difficult to cope when things get to be what we would consider “really bad". Changes are a part of everyday life, which can be a big reason why stress is such a big part of our lives. The thing you need to learn if you have a problem with stress is to cope with the changes in everyday life and not stress over them so much. You need to figure out what is making us worry so much, reduce your bills if your are stressing of your financial situation or change whatever needs to be changed.

You need to consider changing any unhealthy habits you may have that could also be causing you stress. Without making a few good changes in your life you may continue to stress out and panic, which will eventually cause you to be sick when you did not need to be. Once you make the necessary changes to your life to reduce your stress you may notice how much better your life quality is. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you have made positive changes in your life to calm the stress.

1. How is you working environment? Has is become better since you made the changes?
2. How have you been sleeping, have you been getting more sleep since you made the positive changes?
3. Have your eating habits changed? Are you eating more or less that you used to and is this a direct result of the changes you made?
4. How do you dress, do you dress to meet the latest trends or do you dress to suit yourself and your needs?
5. How is your current financial situation? Did it get worse or did it get better after changing your life for the better?
6. Are you having any kind of problems with the law?
7. Do you have a good family life, is your family supportive of you?
8. Do you have friends that you socialize with on a regular basis?

After you have answered all of the questions you should consider what the changes were that you made in your life. If everything in your life seems to be improving, that means that you have probably made all the changes necessary to lead a healthier life. However, there are times when we do not make the right changes to our lives and they are not improving. This is when we need to repeat the cycle and figure out what is make our lives so stressful and make more changes if need be.

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of , a site that provides information and articles for self improvement and personal growth and development.


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