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Stress Reduction Techniques - Exercising Can Help


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It has been shown in research that exercise is a wonderful way to release stress and one can even gain a great body while doing so!

When you exercise, the brain produces a range of biochemicals that work to reduce stress. Athletes constantly experience an ‘endorphin’ rush that accompanies a training workout. The body naturally produces and releases an opiate-like chemical to help reduce the pain that comes with a hard workout. When produced in extremely high levels, it can lead to euphoria.

Endorphins are not the only thing produced during a good workout. Dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, commonly known as neuro-transmitters are made by the body and they can help to improve one's mood. Having low levels of those neuro-transmitters can result in anxiety, depression and occasionally increased aggression. Exercise helps to keep the levels at a point that helps to combat those occurrences.

Not only does exercise produce helpful biochemicals, it helps to reduce biochemicals that are produced by stress. When one is under stress, chemicals such as cortisol and other hormones are released by the body. If left in the bloodstream, they are harmful to the body, and can cause a narrowing of the arteries, which can lead to heart conditions.

Exercise produces a two fold benefit. The harmful hormones are broken down during exercise, and can then be passed out of the body with no ill effects. When one exercises, it ups the resilience of blood vessels resistance and so the blood vessels are less troubled by chemicals that were not broken down during exercise.

Quite a number of people are affected by tension in their muscles in the neck, shoulders or in the back of their legs. You can reduce the feeling of stiff muscles and tension by paying more attention to those areas when you are warming up. Exercise also strengthens those muscles, and fresh oxygen is carried to them, making tension less likely after the workout. ‘Bad’ cholesterol is also reduced during a workout, so there are many benefits to exercise.

Exercise also has psychological benefits that are helpful in combating stress. When you are exercising, less awareness is paid to the cause or reasons for the tension. This allows you to take some time away from the problem and do something good for yourself.

The effect this produces is called homeostasis. This means that your body is brought back to a state of equilibrium, or its natural state, one without worries or stress. This stops your body from shutting down as it allows your system to function without overloading it.

A regular workout also produces other psychological benefits. Self-confidence increases as health and fitness improves. Being attractive is a big factor in making people feel good about themselves. You also benefit from knowing that you are actively working to improve your health, and your life. This sense of working actively on something can then be implemented with the problem that is causing stress.

Even a brisk walk can be considered as exercise. It distracts your from unhappy matters that might be the cause of stress and will help in your body breaking down harmful chemicals in your body while releasing beneficial endorphins. you should exercise at least 3 to 5 times a week for exercise, for at least half and hour each time, to have any observable benefits. This will not only help to keep stress at a low level, your health will improve, and you'll feel better generally.

Moses Wright is a health conscious webmaster and loves to exercise to keep fit whenever he can. He sets up this site to help people learn more about What Is Stress and How to Cure Stress at Work .


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Exercising To Combat Stress
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