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Why Settle For Anxiety, When You Can Have Blissful Calm?

Ellen R. Norman

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We have always discounted our anxiety as being okay, ‘it goes with the job or the career’. " I live in a neighborhood that has a history of anxiety and stress, " you might say. “My parents were very protective and I always felt their anxiety", " may I just inherited it". All these remembrances bring stressful anxiety into the conscience awareness.

We all have ideas, reasons, coping mechanisms and just because:

1) I'm fat.
2) I'm tall.
3) I have big feet.
4) I'm uncoordinated.
5) I'm too young.
6) I'm too old.

The list goes on and on.

These reasons are excuses plain and simple. We create excuses to avoid confrontation. We create excuses to justify not doing something.

The core truth, we think it will be ‘easier’ not to do something or say something.

The other side of the anxiety coin is we will say yes, to almost everything. It's ‘easier’ then to confront or stand up to someone or project our true views or desires.

Okay, so why do we think it is ‘easier'? Because we have been pre-programmed by family, friends and at school. You remember the phrases: " It has always been that way". " No one will like you if you do that"!

As we listened and absorbed these phrases all of our lives, little wonder our hands will get sweaty and our heart will pound, when we find ourselves in a situation that brings to mind past programming.

The most important question is how do I change all this past programming and make my life more livable again?

1) You have got to change you way of responding to those anxiety phrases.
2) You have options and alternatives, but first you have to allow yourself to accept the changes.
3) You most want to get control of your anxiety and not let anxiety control you any longer.

Ellen Norman publishes e-books containing stress eliminating suggestions and ideas.
For more Comprehensive information and tools to eliminate anxiety and get contol back in your life please visit:


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