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Do You Know The Types Of Stress That Can Affect You


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If you think stress is all the same and have the one technique to eliminate it, you may be in for a surprise. Stress comes in many forms and can usually be recognized as short term, periodic or repetitive, and long term issues. By understanding what they are and how they affect you, it can give you the power to apply the right stress reduction technique towards eliminating the source of it.

Short term stress is also known as acute stress. It's a natural temporary reaction by your body to your environment, and could be either a good or bad situation. An example may be you are on your way to visit a very close friend whom you have not met for quite a long time. The feeling of anticipation is caused by both physical and emotional changes in you. Another example is when you are caught in traffic and running late for a date. But the stress is removed when you finally meet your friend or your date was late as well and arrived just a minute earlier. This type of stress usually do not cause any harm to you on the long run.

However, if short term stress is repeated regularly, it's called acute episodic stress. Can you imagine if you are always rushing to be punctual at work, or are disorganized and always could not finish your work on time? The constant worries and frustrations over time can impact your quality of life. These regular episodes of tension can cause heart burns, headaches, increased blood pressure and shortness of breath.

Chronic stress is a much more harmful and long term condition. This is usually caused by bad family relationships, financial worries, poor working environment or of post-traumatic behavior. Most of these are easy to ignore in the beginning but will soon snowball into a compounded mess of tension and pressure on your physical and emotional well-being. This can lead to more serious conditions such as depression, outburst of anger, eating disorders, and even suicide.

There are many solutions to manage the various types of stress. However, the one result to all these solutions is to put you in a position that allows you to address the source of the stress, and resolve it. Acute stress is short term reaction to your daily situations and is not necessary in a harmful way. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence leading to an acute episodic condition, you may have symptoms that affect your productivity. Chronic stress happens when you do not recognize a potentially long-term issue and it builds up over time. When it gets a little out of control, and you are not prepared to handle it, it may blossom into serious concerns of depression, anger and eating disorders. So in understanding the different types, you can learn techniques to manage stress and maintaining a quality of life for you and your family.

Ben Sanders is a avid mind health and fitness enthusiast. Find out some of his instant and effective stress relief techniques


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