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Stress Relief - Three Easy Things You Can Do to Manage Stress

Julia Denham

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Stress is a constant in your life. Everyone suffers from it, and some people use it to fuel their achievements. If you want stress relief, then you need to learn to do three easy things - learn these techniques, and you will conquer stress.

The three things you need to do are: control your thoughts, exercise, and learn to breathe. Sounds simple? It is. Learn to do these three things, and you will never suffer from stress again.

1. Control your thoughts

You're in control of your thoughts. Understanding this simple point is vital, because many people fear that their thoughts control them. This is not so.

Many of the “thoughts" which occupy your mind each day are not thoughts at all. They're old memory tapes you've played so often that they're comfortable to you - they're your default.

For just one day, write down a list of topics you're thinking about. Write down something every 15 minutes. Long before the day is over, you'll realize you're just replaying old mind tapes.

Take control of your thoughts. Make a list of accomplishments you want to make, and each time you catch yourself replaying an old memory tape, think of an accomplishment you will achieve, or have achieved.

2. Exercise every day

Stress causes a build-up of destructive chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol in your body. Over time, these create damage. Not only do they contribute to faster aging, they're also implicated in many diseases.

To get rid of these harmful chemicals, take a half-hour walk each day, or go to the gym. Exercise will not only eliminate stress, it can save your life.

3. Breathe - counting to ten really works

If you've ever been told to count to ten before you say something when you're angry, you know that giving yourself time to think changes the outcome. Instead of building up a head of steam, and becoming even angrier, stopping calms you down.

When you feel yourself caught in a thought-loop you can't stop, or become aware that you're stressed, breathe. Take a slow, deep breath, then release the breath slowly. Take four or five deep, slow breaths, and assess how you feel - you feel calmer, don't you?

Everyone suffers from stress, every day. However, you can master your stress when you remember to control your thoughts, exercise, and learn to breathe. Try these three simple techniques. They have the power to change your life.

Do you suffer from stress? Visit Julia Denham's Just Stress Relief Blog at for more stress relief tips. Julia provides more stress relief information at her Esscentually Blog at - discover how essential oils can help you to mental, emotional and physical fitness


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