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Breathing Is A Powerful Natural Pain and Stress Reliever - Reduce Your Stress And Pain By Breathing

Kathryn Merrow

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Breathing is a powerful way to relax our minds and muscles.

When we need pain or stress relief, we need a good natural “medicine. " Here it is!

Most of us breathe unconsciously most of the time. We don't think about how we breathe, because we don't have to. It's automatic.

But when we begin to pay attention and alter the way we use our lungs, breathing becomes a powerful way to relax our minds and muscles. When we are able to relax, our perception of pain and response to pain is reduced.

Most of us breathe with either the upper part of our chest or with our abdomen, or belly. We used to breathe as we were designed to but, as time passed, we developed faulty habits. Now we don't use our chest muscles as we are supposed to.

  • We may have a strained upright posture and try to gasp air into our upper chest.

  • Or, we may have a collapsed posture and cannot use our chest to breathe at all.

  • Some of us may believe that belly breathing is the correct way to breathe, and so deliberately stopped moving our chest to inhale and exhale.

  • And some us hold our breath periodically, without even knowing it.

    Any of these methods of breathing restricts our natural movement and reduces the amount of air we can inhale. We need sufficient oxygen to function properly and feel our best. If we don't breathe deeply enough, we don't get enough oxygen. We feel tired and lack energy.

    What is your breathing style?

    If you place one hand on your chest and one hand at your waist, near your belly button, you will discover which type of breather you are. You can do this while sitting and then again while laying down.

    Actually, many people already are aware that they use only part of their lungs to inhale, but they don't realize what a problem that is. Or, they don't know that there are healthier options, or what those options would be.

    Begin by laying on a comfortable surface in a quiet place.

    Have your head as flat as you comfortably can. (This is also an excellent way to count sheep during the night. )

    Please one hand on your abdomen and the other hand on the center of your chest.

    Inhale and pay attention. Which hand moved? If only one hand moved, practice breathing until both hands rise with your inhalation. It takes concentration to allow a new movement to occur.

    When you inhaled, did your whole chest rise? Or did only the upper part of your chest move? Was your chest still and only your belly moved? Keep practicing and observing. Pay attention to the ability of your body. It's interesting, so have fun with this.

    Both hands should move as you breathe.

    When you feel comfortable that your breathing is balanced between belly and chest, you have learned a new skill for life. You will be massaging your body from the inside out.

    Now, you can expand your breathing ability.

    Breathe in through your chest. Exhale. Breathe in with your belly. Exhale. Now make your belly and your chest both expand with your inhalation. And let everything go as you exhale. Everything.

    Place your hands lightly on both sides of your ribs. Move your ribs outward toward your hands with your breath. (Yes, you can make this happen!) Now you are not moving your chest to the front, but rather you are making your chest expand to both sides. Inhale into your sides, keeping the front surface of your chest flat. When you have accomplished this, exhale. Let everything go. Everything.

    How about if you give yourself a gift?

    The gift is five minutes at least once each day, just to be aware of your breathing. See how many different ways you can move your chest, while you lay down and monitor nothing except your own breathing.

    And now I'd like to invite you to discover more ways to relieve your stress and pain naturally at Let me, Kathryn Merrow, the Pain Relief Coach, travel with you on the road to feeling better-"Because You Deserve To Feel Better!"

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