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Use Mother's Day to Commit Yourself to Self Care!

Laura Watson

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My message this month is simple; commit yourself to Self Care!

The more business women I meet, the more imperative I realize this issue is. We are strong, smart and capable women. We take care of our businesses and our families and we are not taking care of ourselves!

Listen to me ladies. . . . . there is no business without you. There is no family without you. Taking care of yourself is NOT a luxury, it is a NECESSITY!

This blunt message has nothing but good intentions behind it because I passionately want women in business to be successful! We have so much to offer to our families and our clients, and EVERY time I meet a new , I learn that she is jeopardizing her business, her family and her life by not taking care of herself.

One hard working, and very intelligent, pregnant spa owner I met recently told me in our first meeting that she is “killing herself" to keep the business going. She is working 10-15 hours every day, and then working in emergency situations on the weekends. Her wake up call came when she started fainting in her office last week. She told me that she realized she has been borrowing from her bank account of youthfulness to keep herself going. The account has run dry and there is no more left to borrow. This intelligent, driven woman must start making some self care deposits or else life is likely to show up and force her to do so.

We can all learn from this example. Please don't make the mistake of thinking, “it can't happen to me". Please don't assume that you are fine and that you can put off your self care for “when I find the time". Please don't wait for your wake up call to decide to do something different.

Self-care does not have to be fancy massages and overnight get-aways (as nice as those are). Self care is about consciously doing something that regenerates you and helps you recharge your batteries.

Try some of these self care ideas:

- a quiet bath

- reading a book for fun

- doing your nails

- calling a friend

- having a cup of tea

- taking belly dance lessons

- window shopping at an outdoor plaza on a warm afternoon

- ordering out

- sitting by a fire

- watching children play (or playing with them)

- buying yourself flowers

- going to bed early

- sleeping in

- trading childcare with someone and going on a date with your spouse

Anything you do for shear enjoyment, just for you, qualifies as self care. Use this litmus test. . . . if the activity feels selfish, that's self care. . . . do it!

Once a year, the calendar reminds us, and those around us, to take care of our mothers on Mother's Day. I implore you to make every day, Mother's Day, in some small way. Don't wait for life to send you a drastic message that shuts you down and takes you out of your game. Make daily deposits into your self-care account so you have the energy and the resources to be the amazing business women you are meant to be!

If you want to make conscious change towards what you say is most important and having someone hold you accountable to it would help, please call Venture Coaching at 877-669-8684 or learn more at: We offer a free 2 hour coaching session to qualified inquiries.


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Mother's Day - Remember Mother's a Homemaker
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