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Stress Management - Too Stressed and Worn Out to Try Stress Reduction Techniques?

Ilenya Marrin

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Are You Wiped Out by Stress?

You come home emotionally frazzled, energetically wiped out, and you have little patience for your family. All you want is to be left alone, but you don't feel much better even then! You know you should do something different, but you are just too stressed, frustrated and tired to figure out what.

When you feel too worn out to try stress reduction techniques, you may need of some sort of personal peace booster right away! If you don't have physical and emotional energy to take care of yourself or explore stress-reduction strategies, here are three suggestions to help get you back on track.

1. Give yourself a whole weekend of rest. Cancel your social activities, eat simple, wholesome food that you already have on hand, drink lots of water, and truly take it easy. Read, sleep, take a long slow walk, a hot bath, and go back to bed. Repeat as desired. Enlist the help of your spouse or friends and relatives to look after children. All household chores can wait. If you do not feel at least somewhat restored - emotionally and physically - by Monday morning, consult a health care practitioner to help determine if you have a physical ailment, an emotional issue such as depression, or an overload of stress.

2. Take a week of restful vacation. (Not the roving tour bus please!) After a few days of rest and relaxation, spend several hours reflecting and planning for how to reduce stress on a daily basis. You might read my e-book, The Power of Personal Peace: Reducing Stress by Loving Yourself from the Inside Out. Or look into the many excellent stress management books available in bookstores and libraries. Now that you have rested up, use some of your newly found energy to take stress-reducing action on a regular basis. Exercise, meditate, take up knitting or carpentry. Find a few ways to support yourself in healthy self-care for inner peace and harmony.

3. Get professional help. If your stress levels have been high and energy levels low for more than a few weeks, seek help from your primary health care provider, a clergy person, or a professional counselor. You might need short term assistance with resolving issues that contribute to your ongoing stress. Often, a professional can help you to see things from a new perspective, tackle challenges one simple step at a time, regain control of your life and energy, and renew your inner peace and enthusiasm.

While you are marshalling your energy, if you would like more stress reduction and personal peace tips, I invite you to sign up for my free newsletter, 17 Simple Stress Solutions, at

Dr. Ilenya Marrin is a personal peace consultant, inspirational speaker and author of ebooks The Power of Personal Peace: Reducing Stress by Loving Yourself from the Inside Out and 77 Loving Steps for Success.


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Simple Stress Reduction Techniques You Can Do in 5 Minutes
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