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Forgiveness - Let It Be


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Whisper words of Wisdom, let it be. (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)

I just cannot let some things be. You know about some of them. What about pedophiles? What about Hitler? Stalin? Surely I can't let everybody off the hook. What about that guy that just cut me off on the freeway? OK, maybe later I'll forgive him. There are, however some things that cannot be forgiven. . .

Not even by God?

Well, it seems that God can forgive anything. I mean, after all, He/She is God!


Forgiveness may very well be salvation. Those stories about things that we believe happened in the past are just that. Stories. Those illusions of the ego bring ego-driven condemnation. Forgiveness, on the other hand, that is the basis of love, integrity, and unity.

Our essential nature, Pure Awareness, cannot condemn, does not judge. Pure Awareness does not live in the guilt of the past. It doesn't know about the non-existent future. Now, on the other hand is anathema to our ego-driven mind. Our ego needs to live on stories about the illusive past to give it meaning.

In this human world of form, our egos see ourselves as separate from one another. This separation is also an illusion, the basis of all judgment and condemnation. We condemn those whom we see as “others. "

We have never been separated from one another except in our minds.

So, our minds gravitate to stories that feed judgment and condemnation of “others. " Remember these are all stories that may or may not be true. As a practical matter, what can our condemnation; hatred and resistance accomplish to change the story? Nil! We bring hatred and condemnation into our own lives. We create our own hell.

How willing are you to forgive your brothers and sisters? How much do you desire peace instead of endless strife and misery. . . unresolved emotional pain? A perfectionist attitude toward ourselves is a narcissistic, prideful obsession that only strengthens the ego. Because we find it impossible to live up to our own definition of perfection, we hate ourselves.

The mind relies on comparisons of the relative “good or evil" of others to give the ego some definition. Whenever I compare myself to others, I always lose. Try it. Stay with any comparison all the way to the end. You lose. You will always find something that makes that other person “better" than you. If not, you just didn't stay with it long enough.

Kids, wise children, know this one. “I'm rubber. You're glue. Everything that you say about me, bounces off of me and sticks to you. " Remember that one? Wise children!

So, let's always seek to forgive. This does not ask us to overlook a real attack that calls for an appropriate response, NOW. These responses do not arise from some illusive story. They come from our real selves, from a place of knowing, not a place of hate or fear.

Forgiveness literally transforms our vision, lets us see the real world stripped of the fantasies of the ego. The ego is fixed on the past, fearing the future. Pure Awareness sees only what is Now. Now is the expression of Universal Intelligence. Allow what is to be. Forgive.

Speaking words of wisdom. . .

For more than 30 years, Marty Murphy has studied the effects and healing of unresolved emotional pain. In 2005, Marty founded The Freedom Step ( ). TFS guides us to an experience of the joy of Pure Awareness. Each of us is Spirit; each a healer, here to wake up and heal ourselves and each other. Marty wrote The Mind Whisperer: The Freedom Step Out of Slavery to take readers deeper into the philosophy and workings of The Freedom Step program. Marty and Monita, his wife of 45 years, live in La Mesa, CA. Visit The Freedom Step site to learn more about energy healing of emotional pain.


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Forgiveness and Anger
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