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How I Turned Stress Into De-Stress - My Story


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For more years than I care to remember [well 17 actually] I worked in the stressful work environment of the IT Industry. This was a pressurised place where hours were long, deadlines were short and Customers were difficult.

I was ambitious and progressed through the Company but with each promotion came additional responsibilities and I became more and more stressed. My home life, relationship , health, social life/activities were all suffering. Life just became a circle of get up - work - come home tired - sleep [disturbed] - wake up and do it all over again.

Are you in this place at the moment? If so, I've got some good news - you are in charge of your own destiny and can change your situation - this is what I did and I am now a different person.

My eureka moment came last year - I'd hit rock bottom and just knew I had to stop moaning about my plight and actually do something about it. So I started by listing out different areas of my life that I wasn't happy about - Career/Work, Relationships, Family, Health, Hobbies etc. I then wrote down against each, a number of actions I needed to take that would make me feel happier and less stressed. These would eventually turn into my ‘list of goals’ and gave me something to focus on.

The biggest decision that came out of this was that I decided to leave my IT job. I decided to re-train in something that I was actually going to enjoy and was doing for myself rather than others. In my case it was to be a Counsellor [ironically I wanted to focus on Stress Management Counselling]. Luckily I had the full backing of my husband - he wanted me to be happy again. I have since finished my first Counselling course and am waiting for my second to commence.

By following my goals I achieved other benefits -

• able to spend more quality time with my family instead of collapsing in a big heap

• was healthier - less alcohol, cigarettes, more time in the gym getting fit again

• took up hobbies I'd been meaning to get round to do, like gardening and painting

• actually had time/ energy to meet my friends/ go out

• was sleeping better

• all in all was a more content person for it

I know the area I changed was pretty dramatic but I guess what I'm saying is even making a small change that makes you feel less stressed could lead to other bigger changes. The first step is always the hardest but recognising what you need to do and putting a plan in place to do it will make you feel more positive and that's a start.

I hope I've been able to provide you with some inspiration to do something about your situation and Good Luck in taking that first step.

Sabina Hopkinson is training to be a Counsellor who specialises in Stress Management, particularly in the workplace. She has been there and bought the T-Shirt so understands How Stress can affect people.

You can learn more or add your thoughts by visiting my blog,


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