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Five Strategies For Dealing With Stress In The Workplace


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Keeping stress to a manageable level is critical. To accomplish this, we have provided
five strategies for dealing with stress in the workplace, helping you become more productive and a happier employee.

1. The first of our five strategies for dealing with stress in the workplace has to do with breathing, deep breathing. To ensure your body is getting adequate oxygen and to take a few minutes to calm the heart down, do deep breathing exercises. For this, take four, deep breaths in, holding it for four seconds, and then letting it out. This exercise should be repeated about 20 minutes for optimal results.

2. Visualization is also a great way reduce stress while work. Often, offices are situated so people live in little cubes with little to no sunlight or view of the outside. Obviously, this type of environment is depressing and stressful. However, visualization techniques will certainly help. For starters, take about three minutes every hour, closing your eyes, and visualizing that you are somewhere else. This might be skiing down the slopes of Vail, white water rafting in Colorado, or shopping in quaint alleyways in Norway.

3. Controlling the thoughts is also beneficial. Most people never discipline the mind, which means it is usually running rampant, causing all types of disruption to include stress. In the workplace, it is easy to be doing 10 things at once so take a moment to stop thinking. Push everything out of your mind so you have a blank slate. Then, start by focusing on something positive before you get back to the current task.

4. Organization is huge in the workplace but commonly, people will have piles on their desk of “stuff". Being organized will help increase productivity while reduce stress. If necessary, ask your boss for bins, containers, folders, whatever you need to get your workspace in better condition. By eliminating the need to rifle through piles to find something, you would know exactly where it was, finding that you no longer waste time or become frustrated. Even if you have to come into work on the weekend, getting organized on your own time, this is a worthwhile investment.

5. The last of our five strategies for dealing with stress in the workplace has to do with refining your assertive skills. Being aggressive is bad but being assertive is good. By honing assertiveness, you learn ways of controlling situations better while gaining the respect of co-workers. This includes improving communication and taking conversations to the source, standing up for yourself, and not allowing other employees to take advantage of your kindness or skills.

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How to Deal With Workplace Stress
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