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Stress Less Zone - Mind The Tone Of Your Ambitions


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Having a strong desire for success can be a wonderful thing! Ambition can drive us towards what we want most in life but it can also take us out at the knees depending upon the tone of our ambition.

What tone have you set for your ambitions? Do your ambitions celebrate your greatness; build your esteem and knowledge? Do your ambitions advance you into places you never expected or planned for yet also give you the opportunity to find peace and perfection within?

Or do they perpetuate your sense of not being good enough? Do they weigh you down, break you down, or set a stage for eminent disappointment, stress, overwhelm and even illness?

The softer side of ambition is where you hold your goal in sight, reach for it, fumble, get back up, love yourself unconditionally, regroup, test the waters again, and perhaps reshape your goal or the guidelines you set up for reaching that goal.

The softer side of ambition holds a space for compassion and a willingness to BE with your journey as it unfolds vs. resisting any parts of it that you weren't planning on. The softer side of ambition embodies flexibility, patience, the willingness to Be and Be Seen as the novice. The softer side relishes in the intention to be peaceable where others might choose to be weathered by a storm they could have avoided.

The rough side of ambition embodies an entirely different and often detrimental tone. The rough side of ambition is ruthless, merciless, and never satisfied. It carries the tone of unattainable perfection. It judges your path negatively when things don't go exactly as expected or planned. The rough side of ambition experiences life as an emergency. Your actions, thoughts, and behaviors all play into a do-or-die anthem. Intensity and urgency are the qualities that push your ambitions up hill. . . and it's quite a climb for such meager returns.

Are You Building an Altar to the Rough Side of Ambition?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I practicing compassion or condemnation?
  • Am I experiencing a sense of peace, calm, and certainty about my vision or am I frantic, resistant, and judgmental?
  • Am I recognizing the perfection in where I am today or am I pushing and arguing with reality?
  • Am I acknowledging myself for everything that I am doing right or am I building evidence towards everything I think must be going wrong according to my predetermined expectations?
  • Am I keeping peace a priority or am I keeping my “Do-or-Die" anthem alive?
  • Am I enjoying the ride or is my enjoyment dependent upon what I think should or shouldn't happen along the way?
  • Do I see opportunities or obstacles?
  • Am I out of breath or am I breathing deeply?
  • Am I living in this moment or do I have one foot in a past I'm running from, and one foot in a future I'm worrying about?

    When You Choose the Softer Side of Ambition You:

  • Eliminate a sense of urgency, intensity, and rigidity that impedes the fruition of your ambitions
  • Make inner peace a priority
  • Stop judging your process and start enjoying the ride
  • Find opportunities within any and all challenges
  • Lead with compassion
  • Create, persist and achieve with a flexible mind and a powerful spirit
  • Slow down long enough to see what you've been missing that you really don't want to miss
  • Come to know that true strength and power is flexible, patient, resilient, and always speaks to the possibilities at hand

    I invite you all to acknowledge the tone you are setting for your ambitions. Tone is something we always have control over. Reset your tone if need be. You just might surprise yourself with some of your greatest successes yet when you come to apply the softer side of ambition to your own life.

    Health and Wellness Coach Diana Bertoldo supports people challenged by stress and illness in playing a bigger role in their health and well-being. Visit Coach Diana and learn more about creating a life beyond Stress and illness today

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