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Stress And Illness - Squeezing Joy Out Of Hardships


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Perspective is everything when it comes to eliminating stress in our lives. Even when the glass appears to be half empty, our flexible minds can find a way of recognizing that the glass is half full. Looking for the opportunities in any situation that triggers a negative charge within you is necessary if you want to be a master at stress relief.

When we decide our circumstances are impeding us, we tend to stay stuck with that outlook. Movement and any kind of forward action from that point on can feel impossible. But when we choose to trust that there is opportunity within every situation, our focus remains open and movement feels possible.

The better you become at recognizing the opportunities in any situation the further you will be from becoming a victim of stress. It's like that age old saying, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade!"

Think about it; if you became really good at making lemonade day in and day out regardless of what shows up in your life wouldn't stress have a hard time taking over your body and mind? What if making lemonade is your ticket to good emotional and physical health? Well, it is.

Making lemonade requires a commitment to inner peace. Ask yourself, “What thoughts and interpretations are stealing away my ability to make lemonade here?" And in any given situation, check in with yourself and ask, “Are my thoughts and beliefs in this moment supporting my commitment to peace or promoting stress in my mind and body?" Choose peaceable thoughts. Your health and well-being are dependent upon that.

Health and Wellness Coach Diana Bertoldo supports people challenged by stress and illness in playing a bigger role in their health and well-being.

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