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Knowing The Definition Of Stress Can Help You Conquer It


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Simply defined, stress is basically the body's response to any extreme situation, which could be either psychological or physical and which evokes feelings of anxiety, anger and frustration in the person. Stressful experiences are not restricted only to the workplace, they can occur anywhere even in the home. It is well known that our bodies are instinctively responsive to any changes in the environment. The definition of stress then implies that it is something new and uncharacteristic in the surrounding environment that triggers off a stress response.

A second definition of stress suggests that it is a man-made or natural environmental factor, which elicits a response from people who use the experience to learn and grow. While some people regard stress as something they could do without, there are others who welcome it with open arms. These individuals see stress as something they can learn from and are motivated by. However, it has been proven without a shadow of doubt, that constant exposure to stressful situations is harmful for anyone. Any individual who is constantly exposed to stress has a higher likelihood of suffering from mental and physical anguish as well as nervous breakdowns.

There are also other definitions of stress that imply that stress is in fact the body's ill-defined reaction to a challenging demand. Yet another definition of stress states that it is a build-up of pressure that eventually causes uncharacteristic physical as well as mental effects. Despite the many definitions of stress that exist, not one of them suggests that stress is necessarily a negative experience. Instead, if you learn to adapt to it, you can learn from stress. The stress that enters an individual's life is a huge factor in helping the person to become more experienced and grow into a much better human being.

Obtaining Stress ReliefThe definition of stress makes it very clear that laboring under undue stress can be incapacitating and you should attempt to alleviate high levels of stress if you want to be able to function at an optimum level. One of the best ways to assuage incessant stress is by taking some time out to get some R & R. If you find it almost impossible to relax, a consultation with your psychologist may be warranted. Engaging in leisure activities and outdoor or indoor sports are also a great way of diminishing stress.

Left untreated, stress can very often get out of hand. To prevent this from happening, you should take periodic breaks from routine. Leave office work where it should be. Stop rushing around trying to beat that ever-ticking clock and instead pamper and indulge yourself and do the things you've always wanted to do but never had the time. Even if the definition of stress maintains that stress is all-pervasive, it certainly does not imply that you should stop enjoying the other experiences that life offers.

Brett Thomas is an avid researcher of health related issues including post traumatic stress disorder and runs a successful website dedicated to debunking a wide variety of issues related to stress. For free informative articles and more, see Brett's site at


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