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Ways To Control Stress


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It is difficult for anyone in this day and age to feel absolutely stress free. Whether it's at work or at home, all of us encounter stress at one time or another. We all probably heard of many different ways to control stress, but how many of those techniques really work? Well, one way to find out what works for you is to try several different approaches. Here are a few suggestions regarding stress management.

It is well known that you can't simply get rid of all of your stress. That's nearly impossible! But what you can do is learn to control your stress. For instance, while at work, adjust your schedule to best fit your productivity. Most people tend to start their day off by reading emails and returning phone calls. This often leads to a stressful start at work. What you could do instead is spend your first hour at work on strategizing and on creative thinking. You should use this time for creative inspiration and for breaking your day down into specific tasks.

Another way to manage your stress is by consuming an anti-stress diet. What this means is that you should try to avoid foods that are rich in sugars. For instance, in the morning, eat a bowl of whole grain cereal instead of sugary cereals or breakfast bars. Furthermore, you should be aware of the fact that when you are stressed your body often triggers you to reach for a sugary snack as a means of relaxation. Try to avoid this temptation and instead of grabbing a candy bar, reach for some veggie sticks to snack on in order to relieve the tension.

Lastly, try to control your emotions. When you are worried about something, stress will never go away. Simply write down on a piece of paper what you are worried about and set aside a few minutes a day to figure out possible solutions. These are just a few suggestions to better stress management. Feel free to try them and you may feel a change in your stress levels.

Lauren S. Johnson writes health articles about fitness and nutrition. Some of her favorite passions include studying the medicinal benefits of herbal remedies for antidepressants , diet pills , and hoodia gordonii .


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Stress And Mind Control
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