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Amazingly Simple Tips Virtually Guaranteed To Reduce Stress In The Workplace


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Stress is a major contributing factor to poor performance in the workplace. This will have a knock-on effect with sales. Imagine a stressed customer service team - clients will see a poor pre and after sales service and look to buy from your competition. Or maybe it is a stressed warehouse team, clients will receive the wrong items, items will be missed. . . the result is pretty obvious. So any reduction in excessive levels of stress will benefit all aspects of your business.

Causes of stress in the workplace are many and varied. This article is not a cure-all but rather a starting point that you and your team can build on over time. It will hopefully address some of the key causes and help you towards a solution.


Poor resources are a big cause of stress. By poor resources I mean either resources that do not function correctly, frequently break down or are inadequate for requirements. To avoid resources stress occurring in your team, make sure that you provide them with the best that you can within the available budget. To that end, avoid buying one with bells and whistles, when all you need are the bells, that way, you will be able to get a better quality resource for the same outlay. It will probably break down less often and be perfectly capable of doing the job. In addition, your team will not have to worry about whether or not they should be using a whistle instead of a bell. Read reviews before purchasing to get a feel for the reliability and ease of use, staff who find it hard to use a resource will get stressed each time they have to use it. The other source of resource stress within a team is where there are too few resources. There are many reasons why that may be the case, the solution here, if you cannot provide more resources is resource management. Talk things over with your team, get their opinions and you will usually come up with a workable solution. In addition, where the team has been involved in building the solution, they will feel ownership and also valued, something that will help them to manage stress more effectively.

Staff Relations

Within any team there are bound to be disagreements and personality clashes. A team leader will watch for these and find ways of defusing them. In order to ensure good morale, each person in your team needs to know they are valued. Telling them that their contributions are welcome and valuable is not the best way to do that. Look critically at how you do this and make sure that your actions and words agree. Make it personal. Listen to them in meetings and discuss their ideas - you may not use them but at least they can then see why not. Organise a corporate entertainment event for staff. That can be just pure fun like a casino night or day at the races, or it could involve an element of team building. Not the usual mediocre team building problem solving type that are loathed, make it something creative like a treasure hunt, spy themed or medieval themed day. The companies that run these types of event know what they are doing and can build teams without the teams realising it! Getting people working together as a team needs reinforcement before it becomes habit, so make sure that corporate events are not just one offs.

So to summarise, to ensure that your team's morale and therefore motivation is kept high, look at how you manage resources and people to reduce the stress that exists in your working environment.

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7 Tips For Stress Management in the Workplace
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