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Panic Attack Disorder- The Terrifying Fear

Michelle Tason

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The symptoms of panic attack disorder can be many or a few. During an attack, you might think that you are having a heart attack. Your body does not want to obey the commands that you are giving it. It is almost as if you are paralyzed from the fear and this just enhances the fear to the point that you think you are surely going to die.

Many panic attack disorder sufferers say that they feel dizzy, or like the world around them is not real. This is a scary feeling especially if it hits you when you are out in public. You feel embarrassed but terrified. These two emotions, both of them very strong, battle each other and you are poised for flight. Your heart is racing, you have broken out in a cold sweat, and you are shaking all over.

Please do not let anyone ask you what is wrong. At this point, it would only make matters worse. Your chest is hurting so bad that you think this must be the end. You need to run but your legs are not responding. Your mind races trying to find an explanation for what is happening.

For the sufferers of this disorder, the fear of an attack is always present. You do not want to go anywhere, even to the store; for fear that this will happen again. Because the feelings that you experience during this attack are so intense, you know that if you do not remain in the safest place you can be, your home, something really bad might happen the next time. You do not want strangers staring at you as if you are deranged.

Because you never know when a panic attack will hit, the fear is always present. If your heart starts beating faster than normal, you are sure there is one on the way. If you go to work, you just know that you will have an attack, so you stay home, all the time worrying about how you are going to pay your bills.

Stress can have an effect on triggering panic attacks. After suffering your first panic attack, you associate where you were and what you were doing with the attack. Steering clear of the place and the situation is your next step.

The first step to treating your disorder is to recognize it for what it is. Stop being afraid that you are dying. You will not die from a panic attack. No one has ever died from a panic attack. . .

I've suffered from severe panic attack disorder for nearly 30 years. Stop living in fear. Get my free advice that can stop your panic attacks forever. Go to my blog how to stop panic attacks


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