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Use Stress Management Techniques to Make Stress Work For You


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Stress improves performance, productivity and it keeps you from being bored. You need to learn proper stress management techniques so that you can properly counter your bodies’ natural fight or flight response during any stressful event.

What is stress?

Every new or unusual event brings stress in your life. Personally, I believe that stress in itself is not negative. In this article, we will discuss how you can make stress work for you.

To cope up with stress properly you need to do followings:

  • You need to recognize stress
  • You need to counter pressure using stress management techniques
  • You need to cultivate a positive attitude towards life.

    How you can identify stressors?

    You need to identify the main stressors in your life. It might be physical environment, workplace, or relationships with your spouse. There are internal stressors like your general health condition,
    emotional well-being, sleep etc.

    How you can use stress management techniques?

    Once you identify a stressor, you need to eliminate them or you need to educate yourself how to neglect it. If you identify it's your work pressure, you should discuss with your senior. In the extreme case, you can look for a job. If you are stressed because of your home loan, you should take help from a professional. If it's barking dog of your neighbor, you should discuss with your neighbor and police.

    Deep breathing, reverse number counting are very effective stress management technique.

    How you can turn stress into a motivator

    Whether a particular experience will be debilitating or exhilarating depends on how you view and perceive that particular situation. You should accept stress as a simulating challenge rather than an ordeal.

    You can turn your stress into a motivator by consciously choosing to view situations in a positive spirit. Using positive framework of mind, you can turn stress from a disadvantage to your advantage.

    Are you interested to know how to do effective stress management?

    The symptoms of stress you experience will be much worse if you feel depressed. You should actively follow stress management tips by Rita, author of this article. She has an excellent collection of stress management articles which you can use to get a better idea of managing your stress level.

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