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Stress As an Illness Or Disease


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Stress can be considered as an illness or disease which is capable of causing so much harm to the body. Stress is a general tension not only of the body but of the emotion and psychology. We suffer from stress constantly especially in this modern age where everything has become so fast paced. Sometimes, you will feel that you are not at a position to cope with the world and slow down on your own and this is the first indication of stress. Stress is considered to be caused by stressors which are factors that we live with everyday. Stressors can be internal or external. Internal stressors include negativity an low self esteem.

External stressors are the conditions around you like a bad marriage and many others. Stress is one of those conditions that will affect every individual in a totally different way and it is therefore very hard to predict what is going to happen to a person suffering chronic stress. Many people with this illness end up committing suicide while others recover completely. Stress has been associated with very many diseases in the body and this is because it affects the state of equilibrium in our bodies to lower the immunity making the body vulnerable to all kinds of infections.

Stress can totally suck joy out of you and you might end up depressed to a point where you no longer function in a normal way. This chronic condition of stress can lead to disorientation where a patient might totally loose their mind and sense of reality. Therefore, do not let the condition continue without seeking for expert help. Effects of extreme stress are felt only too well by people who have undergone major stress ors in their lives. This people include those who have served on the front line during wars. The soldiers get to experience things their brains hold on to for a long time.

Post traumatic stress disorder came on the spotlight during the first and second world war. Men and women who had served came home to complain of many problems including depression, nightmares, guilt feelings, flashback of heartrending sights and other symptoms. Many who suffered became violent and bitter and no one could understand what they were going through. Stress continue to cause devastation and you are advised to seek medical help to avert a possible crisis. There are several symptoms that you need to look out for if you suspect to be under stress.

The first on is dryness of the mouth and the throat, chronic head and back pain, insomnia which is the lack of sleep and many others. Stress will cause a lot of fatigue and you might find yourself sleeping too nun. Do not give in to these symptoms because when you seek Abel you can be sure that you are going to land on a good treatment for the condition. The next time you discover you are stressed, make sure you find all the resources you need and read about stress and know what you need to do.

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The Connection between Stress and Fear and Sickness and Disease
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