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Too Busy to Love, Too Tired to Care How to Clear the 1 Cause of Stress

Barbara Zagata

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There is an epidemic these days that can only be described as:

too busy to love, too tired to care.

Like little frogs swimming in the pot of ever increasing boiling water, we just don't know when to jump! How to get out of this? How to jump as if our lives depended upon it?!

Rainer Marie Rilke, the German poet and philosopher said:

For one human being to love another, that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

What if this is true? What are we doing here? What if the greatest achievement in life is love? Not just the romantic Hollywood version of love, but the unconditional kind based in a foundation of self-love?

It's understandable to shy away from it when the going gets tough. It's understandable to be so exhausted by survival mode to really be able to feel what's real, even when it's really good!

But at some point, we need to pause for reflection, to clarify what really is of value to us, and then to create intentions that we feel passionate enough to pursue.

Sundays used to give us a reminder of what's most important, as we gathered with friends and family to share a meal and leisurely conversation, to laugh at our communal challenges and celebrate our triumphs.

With so much on the agenda, even celebrations begin to feel like an obligation. . . one more thing to do. The mere thought of planning a birthday party feels overwhelming!

One of my favorite business coaches taught me that “overwhelm comes from action without the plan. " This is so brilliant, isn't it? To just go through life like a ship without a rudder gets exhausting after a while.

The plan, in this case, is clarifying what is of value. Look through some magazines. Find images that spark you and inspire you. What is it about that image that makes you feel alive? What is the essence of that request you are formulating?

One of my favorite images came from an insurance company's newsletter. There was an Adirondack chair on the cover, sitting on the edge of a peer, overlooking a beautiful, peaceful blue lake. The headline said, “Retire Early, Live Your Dreams. " I made this my intention, because I felt passionate about freedom, using my life force to do the work I love, and because I wanted to have enough energy left over to genuinely appreciate my loved ones.

Looking back, how I was able to go from 14 hours a day as a caterer with my own business, too tired to even enjoy cooking anymore, too busy to build a Lego ship with my child, to enjoying all the benefits of financial freedom I decided to write about it-to help end this epidemic of inevitable regret.

The result was Don't Stress~Manifest , an empowering right brain approach to unlimited wealth, Pathway2Abundance, my highly inspirational free Ezine because I had so much more to share! And the special report, From $10,000/Year to $10,000/Month which details the intentions I created for myself along with the techniques I used to synchronize them into my body and mind, because as Joe Vitale says, “clean the energy pathways and you can have, do or be anything you want!"

He's right about that! So the special report is my gift to you. At the very least, I want you to have that so it's FREE, when you subscribe to Pathway2Abundance .


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