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Stress Relief Gifts That Will Rock His Or Her World Baby

Sherry L Harris

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Stress is something that most of us go a day without. It is stressful to get up and go to work and it stressful to go home and deal with the kids. It is stressful to try and figure out what to cook for dinner and it is stressful to try and figure out where to go to dinner.

Funny though, someone is always more stressed out than we are. For those friends that can't seem to get it together whose life seems to be more of a mess than our own, try giving them a stress relief gift. Believe me it goes a long way.

I am going to give you a few tips. Some of my tips will cost a little money and some will not cost you a dime. First off, men get stressed out just as much as women do. Would you like to give your husband a stress relief gift that won't cost you a dime? This idea can also be used by husbands as a stress relief gift for their wives too.

You'll need to do this when your husband and/or wife is going to be away from home a little while, like at work for the day. Write little notes and place them all over the house, visible to your spouse when they come home at night. Say things like “Hi, honey there is a surprise for you if you follow these instructions".

On the next note write “Do three jumping jacks and walk to the computer". On the computer the next note will say “turn around three times and walk to the refrigerator and open it". Inside the refrigerator have a note that says “take the two glasses out of the freezer and bring the bottle of wine you see to the bathroom.

In the bathroom you will be waiting in your tub with baby oil, which you bought from the 99 cent store and some bubble bath. You can even have candles lit and nothing else. See, it does not have to be expensive. Now keep reading.

This will be a sure stress reliever that your husband will never forget and you can bet the both of you will sleep like a baby that night after all the fun you are going to have! Remember, you can add as many notes as your spouse can stand.

The next few suggestions will cost you a little money, but not much.

A good bottle of wine relaxes everyone and is a perfect stress relief gift. Teas are another way to relieve stress; it soothes the body and helps you to sleep better at night. I like a flavor called Catnip because it is designed especially to help you relax. So there you have it, three stress relief gifts that will make the recipient love you for life!

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