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Instant Stress Relief - A Simple Way to Manage Your Stress

Julia Denham

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Want a way to get instant stress relief? This method is simple and fast, and it works for anything which is a source of stress, whether it's related to your job, your relationships, or your finances.

I love this way of beating stress. All you need is a notebook and a pen.

How to Get Instant Stress Relief for Simple Worries

When something bothers you, write it down in your calendar, and make a time for dealing with it: yes, you're making an appointment to deal with a worry. That time could be today, tomorrow, or at any other time.

The important thing is that you've made an appointment with yourself to manage this worry.

Now you've made the appointment, forget about it. Don't think about this worry - leave the management to your subconscious mind. You'll be amazed that when the appointed time arrives (and often before), you've got the perfect solution.

This stress relief tactic works especially well for those worries which wake you up in the middle of the night - just write the worry down, with a time to deal with it - and go back to sleep.

Get Stress Relief for Ongoing Challenges

Some challenges are impossible to fix all at once. If your job is an ongoing source of stress, and you know you need to find another job, this situation won't be fixed instantly.

Or perhaps you've just discovered that you have an illness, and this is causing you stress.

You can deal with these complex situations and ease stress by using a notebook and pen too.

Start by writing down your worry: “I'm worried about quitting my job"; “I'm ill".

Underneath this, right down the perfect outcome: “I've got a great new job at a good salary"; “I'm now in perfect health and I feel great. "

On another page, write your perfect outcome again. Rule a line down the center of the page. On the left side, head the column Liabilities, and head the right hand column Assets.

In the Liabilities column, write down everything that blocks your perfect outcome, and on the right hand column, write down all the resources you have which will help you to achieve your perfect outcome.

Start another page, and title it with your perfect outcome. Now just start writing about how your assets will help you to overcome all the challenges to your perfect outcome.

Once you've completed this exercise, you should feel confident. Your stress will be just about gone. Remove any remaining stress by adding the tasks which will help you to achieve your perfect outcome to your calendar.

Everyone suffers from stress, but you can manage it when you use these simple techniques. So what are you waiting for? Write down a stress right now.

Want more stress relief tips? You'll get more information on stress management on the Just Stress Relief Blog at , and at the Easy Fab Yoga Blog at


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Easily Manage Your Stress and Avoid Unpleasant Stress Hives
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