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Eat For Stress Relief - 5 Foods to Calm You Down

Julia Denham

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If you're jittery bundle of nerves, start eating for stress relief. The following five foods will calm you down and make you feel fit enough to handle whatever life can throw at you.

1. Avocados Lower Your Blood Pressure

Stress is a great excuse to indulge in creamy guacamole. Not only will you get instant stress relief from this green marvel, you'll also do your heart good. Avocado contains both monounsaturated fat, and potassium, which can lower your blood pressure.

2. Oats, Your Serotonin Enhancer

Just like your mother told you, porridge is good for you. Oats contain carbohydrates which are absorbed slowly, and this enhances the serotonin-producing abilities of your brain. Serotonin is your body's own stress-relieving chemical.

So if you know you'll have a busy, high-pressure day, take a few moments to eat a bowl of porridge or muesli before you leave the house.

3. Oranges - Fast Stress Relief

Oranges for stress relief, who knew? It turns out that vitamin C relieves stress by returning your blood pressure and levels of cortisol (a chemical produced by the body when you're under stress) to normal quickly.

4. Salmon Keeps Cortisol and Adrenaline in Check

Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, and they keep cortisol and adrenaline (another chemical your body produces when you're under stress) in check.

If you hate fish, you can buy capsules of omega-3, but fresh salmon is better for you.

5. Skim Milk, Calms You and Relieves PMS

Do you turn into a fire-breathing dragon at that time of the month? Skim milk not only calms you down at any time, but it's especially useful when you're suffering the irritability and mood swings of PMS.

Here's an added tip: if your stress is giving you insomnia, a glass of skim milk will help sooth you to sleep.

Everyone suffers from stress. The above five foods will not only help you to manage stress, but will also improve your general health, so that you're calm and serene, even in the midst of the chaos of your life.

Want more stress relief tips? You'll get more information on stress management on the Just Stress Relief Blog at , and at the Easy Fab Yoga Blog at


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