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Workplace Stress Relief - 4 Powerful Reasons to Conquer Job Stress Now


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Workplace stress relief is critical in today's demanding job environment. According to The American Institute of Stress, “Job stress is by far the major source of stress for American Adults. " Lack of security, doing the jobs of many people, conflicts with coworkers or bosses and working too many hours are just a few of issues today's workers face.

The toll workplace stress takes on well-being is widespread. It affects all areas of your life. Not feeling in control of your job adds to the mix. You can work hard, add value to your company, take work home with you and never take a day off. If your company is in transition, there is nothing you can do to secure your job.

The lack of control, tension, uncertainty and exhaustion leads to chronic stress. Workplace stress relief is crucial to stave off the wear and tear caused by these conditions. Conquering the effects of job stress can also keep them from spilling over into other areas of your life. Are you experiencing these conflicts?

1) Failing relationships - Everyone (at times) takes their job stress home with them. Your family is the first to see the depression and feel the anger you are experiencing. Coworkers and friends are also victims of your negativity and distance.

2) Failing physical health - Muscle aches, pain, headaches, digestive problems, heart conditions, insomnia and exhaustion are the major physical complaints caused by chronic stress. Inflammation, a component of arthritis, diabetes and cancer, is also a by-product of stress.

3) Failing mental health - Depression, agitation, fear and hopelessness come from experiencing workplace stress day in and day out. The accompanying fatigue makes it difficult to climb out of the pit of doom and gloom.

4) Onset of burnout - Burnout is the culmination of excessive job stress. You have reached a state of apathy. You are unmotivated and hopeless. Workplace stress relief will help get you through your workday. However, if you have reached a point of burnout, you desperately need a new job.

Workplace stress relief techniques can help to relieve the issues caused by job stress. Many techniques can be used right at your desk while you are working. You won't have to take out your frustrations on your family, friends and coworkers. Your physical and mental health will greatly improve by lessening your workplace stress. More importantly, you will be less likely to succumb to job burnout.

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Caroline Selfe has been a passionate seeker of natural and holistic stress relief methods for the past 25 years.


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Stress Relief Tips - Stop Stress In Its Tracks And Get The Career You Deserve
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