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Recognizing Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms And Tips For Panic Attack Treatment


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The Panic Sets In

The odds are that you will never see it coming and you never will, but you will definitely remember it. You will remember that frightening point in time when anxiety panic attack symptoms totally took control over you. In a matter of seconds you will probably find yourself alone and shaking or gasping for air. You begin to sweat and you heart beats fast. Next you are feeling dizzy and the whole entire world is caving in on you.

All of a sudden you start to feel like the world is not real to you anymore. You can not control yourself and fear has taken over. As this horrible ordeal continues, you start to have the sense of losing control or going insane. You might even feel like death is hovering over you looking to take you away.

The reality is the whole thing will be over in minutes, but you will still be traumatized from your first panic attack. After being completed overwhelmed from living through the anxiety panic attack symptoms, you will start to feel fear of having another panic attack in the future.

The above is what everybody goes through when they have their first panic attack. It has happened to many other people and could have possibly happened to you already. Some of you may have been fortunate enough to only experience a couple of these anxiety panic attack symptoms and not have others. You might have even had different symptoms altogether including hot flashes or chills.

What To Do The Next Time It Strikes

Now that we have covered how you identify panic attack symptoms, you need to know what to do if the next one should come. You need to know exactly how you are supposed to get through it again after not knowing how you pulled through the first attack.

The good news is that you did not get through these attacks by chance. Although you may have felt like you were dying and had all the signs of it, you were never in any actual danger of dying or going insane. These panic attacks are very horrifying to experience and will scare you, but they are in no way harmful to you.

Panic attacks can happen randomly. They can also be triggered by something that triggers you to have one like something in your environment that sets you off. Before you convince anybody that you need to be taken to the hospital, you should know that their exist a couple of anxiety panic attack treatments that can be utilized to get you back to normal.

Controlling Your Breathing

The first and most important tip for panic attacks is to take control of your breathing. This might sound impossible at first because hyperventilating is a major symptom what happens when panic sets in. If you are able to, practice slowing down your breathing. Begin by taking deep breaths in and then blowing the air out through your mouth slowly.

Try and relax your muscles if controlling your breathing is difficult. Try and tense each of your major muscles and hold it in for a little bit and slowly let go of them. Doing this will help relax you and give you the sensation of eliminating your anxiety each time you tense your muscles and release them slowly.


Another great technique for anxiety attack panic treatment is visualization. Just begin to pretend that you are in a safe environment or think about something that is funny. This can really do amazing things to ease any panic situation. Try and close your eyes and visualize yourself transporting out of your body into another dimension freeing your mind from you body. If you can learn to separate your mind from body the panic will disappear.

Whichever way you decide to get rid of them, my best tip for panic attacks is to remember that at no time will any harm come to you from one. Always keep in the back of your mind that no matter how severe or intense these symptoms might be, they will always move on and cause no damage.

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Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms


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