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People in all walks of life from professional athletes to celebrities to everyday men and women on the street, are getting help from subliminal messages. Not openly perceived by the conscious mind, subliminal messages are picked up by your subconscious mind, and then a part of your mind immediately understands and acts upon the information contained with the messages.

You can create your own subliminal messages to help you handle stress. Simple steps to help with this process are:

1. First you need to hone in on what your major stress triggers are so that you’ll know what you need to overcome. So at least five minutes each evening before your end your day, and during a time when you are relaxed and calm, grab a notebook for journaling and start jotting down your thoughts. Write you best points of the day, and your worst. For the worst ones, dig in and locate the main stress points. Write them out.

2. During the day, conduct a little research into your main stress points from the evening before. Find out which options you have for tackling these. For example, let’s say one point is that when you go for a family walk, Fido keeps trying to pull you ahead at a run and then lashes out at other dogs as they try to pass. Check into training classes locally and for training info online to seek help.

3. Follow through with the helpful info you’ve found in step 2. Then write out affirmations or statements with positive messages for your self like, “I am in charge on walks, ” and only give Fido a short length of leash.

4. Record these messages in audio form or seek subliminal software that flashes messages on your screen while you work. Record or input your affirmations. Then use them regularly. Start your subliminal software each time you log in, and each night, listen to your audio recording as you drift off to sleep in very low mode.


1. Make your affirmations in first person (I)
2. Make them in the present tense (I walk)
3. Make them positive (I am in charge)

There are many articles and book out on subliminal messages. Learn more about stress management and how to incorporate your own creative messages with tips from them. Start with book at your local library. And search online article directories like

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