Can Your Anxiety be Explained by the Fact it is Hereditary?


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Since there is still stigma attached to anxiety disorders many people spend years hiding their panic attacks. However, one thing which usually helps them to open up about it is finding out that one or more of their siblings or parents have suffered from the same illness. If the family member has sought help that has reduced or cured their problem they may well feel more inclined to share their experiences. Therefore, any other family members with similar problems will also be more likely to look for help as well.

So, being a hereditary disease this can very often be the reason that someone suffers from anxiety. However, you may have discovered that there is no trace of it in your own family and so why do you have anxiety? Well there are so many different things that can occur in someone's life both positive and negative that can trigger an anxiety disorder. Some typical examples are listed below:

* Grief: Death of a close friend, family member, husband or wife.

* Financial: Loss of a job, mountains of debt.

* Major trauma: Car accidents, assault, life-threatening disease.

* Happy Events: Getting married, moving house, new job.

It's possible your anxiety has stemmed from a major life event a number of years ago and you don't even realise. Some experts believe major events such as those listed above can be part of a stress build up that may adversely affects someone in later life.

As anxiety is a genetic condition you should be aware that if any of your family members have the condition then you are certainly in a high-risk category and should be vigilant of its onset. On the other hand, anxiety is a condition that can affect anyone at any time and so everyone should be careful and seek the help of their doctor when they feel stress levels getting too high.

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