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In our previous two articles we talked about the first two paths of Creation Centered Spirituality: Via Positiva and Via Negativa. In this article we will discuss the third path, Via Creativa. As a short review, Via Positiva is the path one is on naturally when she is at rest. When something happens that throws her off balance she moves to Via Negativa.

During Via Negativa one’s world is shaken. Old maladaptive beliefs about the world are challenged, proven, or negated as outside circumstances invade. One’s world is turned upside down and one must let go of some of the beliefs and surrender to reality. This process is often painful time because it is a time of darkness and uncertainty, but it can also be a time for self challenge and for strengthening the self and reclaiming one’s own beliefs about the self, society, and God. If one goes through Via Negativa successfully, one moves on to the next path, Via Creativa.

Via Creativa can be compared to the time of ascension after descending to the underworld. When one has gone through the pain and the suffering and has remained faithful in one’s belief that the world is good, something in the self changes. One becomes stronger and more adaptable. His mind begins to expand as he realizes the follies of dualism and simple thinking. He begins to reach deeper into his understanding of the world, God, and the Universe, and like Job, who after all of his struggle was grateful because he saw God as God was for the first time, instead of seeing God the way people said God was. In Via Creativa one does see God and reality in a different light.

As one passes through the fire one is purified like gold. What is created from all of the suffering, loneliness, and emptiness is a beautiful vessel. One’s thoughts and behaviors on the outside more closely resemble the beautiful light of self that shines on the inside as one comes closer to being a reflection of the Divine in totality. In the mass done in Creation Spirituality Via Creativa is celebrated through the communion. Communion is given and received by everyone as they remember who they are, and that they are not separate beings, but connected with each other, God, and the universe. This recognition is what pulls one out of the despair and leads one to the light of self awareness. The good thing about the Via Creativa is that it always happens. It usually happens faster if one believes that it is possible, and believes that there is justice in the universe.

Now days, of course, many people don’t believe there is justice. We are often told that power rules the universe and that we can only be safe if we put our trust in the power that is in the hands of human beings. We often see movies and read books that show us time after time that religious people who put their trust in God are wrong. How many times have you seen Fathers being murdered on science fiction movies? The truth, however, is that the universe is bending toward justice. The truth is that everyone will get their just reward.

Those who go through the Via Negativa with the right mind set will ascend to greatness. The worst the circumstances, the higher the ascension. Those who go through angrily, trusting in themselves and thanking men for helping them make it through, will descend into a low place. They may have many things and be honored by men, but their souls will be made more corrupt with each Via Negativa event. They will also be so tortured and self-hating inside that they will become mean spirited and attempt to remove their pain through ill treatment of others. Such people will be condemned in this world and the world to come unless they turn around. There is always time for that, but it’s necessary to believe that the world is just before one can.

Those who believe in a just world create a just world. As they do they become the justice they would like to see. Those who don’t become the injustice they think they need to be to live in an unjust world. This is an act of karma. It is, therefor, good to celebrate Via Negativa. It is good to let go of the maladaptive belief systems purposely, and to develop the skills that will launch one into Via Creativa while in the midst of the darkness. By doing this you will have taken over the world and your own destiny.

In the next article we will speak of the path of Via Transformativa.

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Reunion of Souls, Dr. John W. Gilmore. A book of deep spirituality in Sci-fi form.


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