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Spirit Dancer

The spirit dancer is the card of creative expression. Of exploring our inner truths and desires. Now is the time to open your heart and mind. Listen to your inner self and determine to bring forth and express all that is you. It is the time to let your creativity burst through. To jump into the dance of life and dare to be a full expression of your inner self.

Now is the time for creative endeavours. A time to spontaniously express your hopes and dreams. To allow yourself to expand your awareness, to dare to dream.

The spirit dancers message is clear. The coming months will be a great time to express yourself clearly. All forms of art and communication will expand in leaps and bounds. This is time of the inner visionary, the artist, the creator.

Now is the time to align your inner self with the outer world. A time to move closer to your dreams, a time to bring your inner thoughts to the outer world. A time to create your own world, be master of your own destiny.


My life is a perfect reflection of inner joy and light. Today I express all that I am, and all that I can be. I magnetize loving harmony within. I am divine.

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