Kundalini and 'Enlightenment'

Robert Morgen

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We all hear of the concept of the “Enlightened Master", and I do believe they exist.

However, awakened kundalini DOES NOT automatically make one an enlightened master. It just means that you've begun to access your inner energies and begin creating your life as you intended to live it when you came back here.

Awakening the kundalini is NOT the end result or the goal. It's just a waypoint on your spiritual/emotional/physical development. It's like crossing a river. Now you're on the other side, but the journey continues. I've met people whose sole focus in life was the kundalini. That's all they want to study or talk about. While the study of kundalini can in fact encompass EVERYTHING, if you read everything only looking for the paragraphs that have the word ‘kundalini’ in them and ignore the rest. . .

Awakening the kundalini is a part of discovering our true self. In western society we learn to wear a variety of masks, each of which represents a part of our learned personality. We LEARN to be different people for different situations.

Awakening the kundalini clears all of that away, leaving the student (or victim depending on ones outlook) with a completely clean slate.

After awakeing the kundalini all of the masks that you've learned to wear will have been completely stripped away and for most of us it can be a very frightening time. Suddenly everything that you thought you knew about yourself is different, and suddenly everything else looks different as well as you're not seeing it from behind the masks of your learned ego. What do you do with that?

The simple answer (beware the simple answers in life) is that now you can become the person that you were MEANT to be, rather than the person that you were TAUGHT to be.

Your next step on the path here is to *surrender* to yourself and be willing to go where you have to go and do what you have to do, to be the person you were meant to be.


“Kundalini and ‘Enlightenment'” is an excerpt from Robert Morgen’s book “Kundalini Awakening for Personal Mastery” (ISBN: 0-9773801-0-6)

His new book “Easy Meditation for Martial Artists” (ISBN: 0-9773801-3-0) will be available in October, 2006.

Robert Morgen is a Reiki Master who holds a Black Belt in Hoshinjutsu. He’s founder of the Mystic Village Online Community at http://www.mysticvillage.org

He writes a regular column on subtle (or internal) energy for Fight Times Magazine and a column on Kundalini Awakening at Alumbo.com. He’s the author of 3 books and 4 CDs on meditation and energy work.

He’s a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids as well as the International Bujinkan Dojo Association, Canemasters International and the International Combat Hapkido Federation.

You can learn more about his books, Kundalini and Martial Arts Seminars and free events and newsletters at his website at http://www.mysticwolfpress.com


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