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Vivian Gordon

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True freedom is only attained through grace from God. He unlocks the chains of guilt, sin, idolatry, pride, selfishness and everything else that falls into this fleshy, carnal and earthly realm. These things are all ones that keep us held in bondage perhaps by our own choice or perhaps by someone else's. But, we are prisoners nonetheless until the bailbondsman comes and frees us and His name is Almighty God. We are so fortuneate to be able to freely celebrate that name in this country. . . at least for now.

"For you brethren were (indeed) called to freedom; only (do not let your ) freedom be an incentive to your flesh and an opportunity or excuse (for selfishness) but through love you serve one another. " Gal. 5:13

Paul was writing to the church in Galatia warning them about their salvation. It's not something to be taken for granted and used for self gain. One of the greatest ways we can serve God is to serve others. Jesus at the last supper stooped down and washed the feet of His disciples. He told them that no one is greater than his master and that He came to set an example for them. This is one of humility. We have become a self centered bunch of people and we need to get on our knees and humble ourselves to the living God who gave us our freedom from death.

Jesus also tells us in Matt. 6:24 that we can't serve two masters. As we already know, it's impossible to serve God and deceitful riches, money, possesions or whatever else we may trust in.

In being ‘independent’ of the world, is to rely souly on, trust wholey in and lean totally on the Lord. This ‘dependency’ on Him allows us then to experience the calm during the trials of a storm.

A good rule of thumb is that whatever you give attention to, will most likely become a habit whether it's something good or something bad. For example, if you love the latest fashions, you will most likely be at the mall more than you are home, buying the things that you love and possibly can't even afford. Or if you wake up every morning thanking God that you're alive, you will automatically be directed to get into His Word for the day to set your path straight.

Satan has a bid for our lives every morning also, and if we don't counterattack his attacks, we will find ourselves in the kinds of bondage I first mentioned. We need to depend on God and not ourselves.

"The way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know over what they stumble. My son, attend to My words, consent and submit to My sayings. Let them not depart from your sight; keep them in the center of your heart. " Prov. 4:19-21

What the writer of Proverbs, is saying that those who walk in sin are in the dark and will stumble one day, but if you are saved by grace and pay attention to God's counsel for your life, you will walk in the light.

Since we are then saved by the blood of Jesus, He will make it impossible to deliberately sin. Loving Him with a pure heart allows us to be free from the things of this world that keep us held in bondage. We choose to “attend" to His words and submit. Once His words are burnt into our hearts, we won't be in the dark anymore. This is glorious news.

In giving all our attention to God, it will become the best, most comforting habit we will ever develop. But how are we suppose to “attend" to this habit?

Consider if you will that we are made up or a soul and a spirit. These two elements must be understood in order to understand what our love walk means. Our soul rules our emotions, the fleshy part of who we are. It's how we think and how we feel. These are the carnal elements and to put it bluntly, the shallow part of who we are.

But our spirit on the other hand goes alot deeper. It goes to the marrow of our bones! So to “attend" to God is to allow the Spirit of God to be saturated our human spirit! This divides the flesh in the world and sets us apart to be able to live in His Kingdom here on earth. This is further expained by Paul in Hebrews.

"For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power, it's sharper than any two edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and the (immortal) spirit, and of joints and marrow (deepest part of our nature), exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart. " Heb. 4:12

God splits us apart and sees what we are really made of by looking at our heart. Does it contain what your soul feels or does it contain what the Holy Spirit feels? God can tell by your motives.

In knowing how to “attend" to His Word will seperate your soul and spirit. When we are led by the Holy Spirit we will be totally ‘dependent’ upon God, Who frees us from all worldly sins.

God never intended for His children to be slaves, but that's what sin made all of us. His love, grace and mercy has equipped us with the full armor to fight for our freedom once we attain it. Satan plays dirty and doesn't care if you belong to God, he will do whatever it takes to make you fall away.

"But He was wounded for our transgressions; the chastisement (needful to obtain) of our peace was upon Him, and the stripes ( that wounded) Him, we are healed and made whole. " Isa. 53:5

How can you doubt God's infinite love when you read that? By Jesus’ stripes we are healed and whole! Once this happens, we are then to shine our lights like stars onto the rest of the world.

"And the teachers and those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the fermament, and those who turn man to righteousness shall give forth light like the starts forever. " Dan. 12:3

As we give our attention to being a part of a great and wonderful nation that was founded on our independence of other philosophies & religions let's also consider the importance of the Pledge of Allegiance, in that we are One Nation Under God!

He delivers our true independence, we are no longer under the old law, but we have been made joint heirs with Christ the Son, so we may all be called sons and daughters of the God Most High!

Because of His STRIPES, we can all shine like STARS!!!!

Vivian Gordon a teacher and inspired writer of God's Word. She prays that her words will shine a light of truth to those who may need healing from living in a dark world.


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