Believing In The Higher Power


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I am a church person and I believe there is a higher power out there somewhere. When my son had seizures I kept praying for them to stop and even asked the church to pray for us in our time of need.

There are so many wonderful things happening and yet not so wonderful. Just like afer 9/11 it was terrible yet they said it was one of the highest records of newborns that month. It's funny at the time I was pregnant and about two weeks later I went into labour and had my son.

I could not believe it. I felt so happy and blessed to have my son that is why I think I called him Matthew - to me he is a gift from god.

I also prayed for my son to get into Kidsability to help him so he could live a normal life. The amazing thing was it happened.

I always think of Mother Theresa and all the children she helped she was like a gift. She spend endless hours helping children. To me she was a real humanitarian. She gave so much to those children. She had a real big heart and was not afraid to show it.

I think people in general need something to look forward to and to feel important. I think that believing in something no matter what is important. I believe in god and I think that even though we have experience many disasters that people cannot stop believing or losing hope.

Standing up for human rights, tuition costs, prep rallys are all important causes and should not end because of what people think. We all need to stand together and fight for what is right and pray because there is a higher power and god is watching over us.

Every choice we make, every decision we make everything happens for a reason. The question is do you believe there is a higher power or do believe it just to be fate?

Think about what is important to you money, family, school, sports etc.

Then think of some really hard times you had to get through it did you start praying or just wishing for something better.

Did you get your promotion you wanted or did someone else get it?

Did you visualize something better or did you pray for it?

I have to admit I have done both visualizing and praying by being thankful for the things I have instead of what I don't have.

I am grateful for everything I have my son, a roof over head and the beautiful gardens in the front and backyard. All the things I have and how I got here is still a mystery.

That is why I believe there is something more powerful out there than us.

That's why everyday you should say a thankful prayer for 3 months and you never know what will happen. It is a test so try it and see if anything happens.

Mother of one, love music, crafts, jewelry making, church, children, animals etc.

Education is the Key to Higher Learning and Spirtuality TD Success

In order to make things happen you must believe in it first.


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