Is He Your Soul Mate? Find Out Using Angel Readings-5 Guidelines

Catherine Kasper

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"He loves me, he loves me not. I just met this guy and, although I “just know" he's my soul mate, I'm running out of daisies and it's making me crazy. What can I do during an Angel Reading to really discover the truth?"

1. Relax.
The Angels know you think you and that guy are psychically connected, meant to be, lovers from a past life, etc. Take a deep breath, calm down and engage your brain. We are all body, mind and soul. Your mind needs to be present in the session too, not just your hormones that make you crave him and your heart that's almost irretrievably, gone over the edge.

2. Really listen to what the reader has to say.
Telling her you “just know" he's your soul mate is telling her your fondest wish and most of the time, wishes are not factual. If she tells you the Angels say he's not interested, even though he's been an outrageous flirt, believe her. It could be all in your mind and heart but not in his. Remember, the reader has no stake in your relationship and will tell you the truth that the Angels convey.

3. Realize that finding your soul mate does not always lead to marriage.
It sometimes leads to a brother and sister or best friend type of relationship that can span the years and be highly rewarding. A soul mate relationship of this type can be very fulfilling. It can feel as though you are the same person in 2 bodies but, in that light, kissing your soul mate can be just about as exciting as kissing the back of your own hand. Ask the Angels to discuss what type of soul mate relationship you and the guy might have and don't get too excited about the great sex for the next 30 years that you're imagining. It might just happen but it might not.

4. Live through the “Crush"
Realize that, even though you are an adult, the “huge crush" you have on a guy can be just as strong, heady and powerful as it was when you experienced it as an adolescent. Crushes are wonderful. They let us know we are extremely alive. Strong emotion is not always an indication that your relationship is predestined to be. It very well could be but sometimes, it's not.

5. Be willing to give the relationship time to develop.
Even if he is your soul mate and the Angels verify it, allow it to develop naturally and normally. Even though we have angelic knowledge, we still live in the earth plane. Don't chase the guy and run him off.

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Why Single Women Should Find Their Soul Mate Online?
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