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Randall Curtis

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Here is an example: At the time Joe was born his Mercury was passing through the zodiac sign of Taurus. This simply means that his thinking mind is strongly influenced by the tendencies of Taurus. This reveals that he is attached to money, food, sex, going slowly, taking it easy, keeping things the way they are, and resisting sudden ideas and sudden changes. This is why astrologers call Taurus a “fixed" sign. People with Mercury in Taurus have great resistance to changing their mind. They process information slowly and do not want to be rushed.

One of the primary desires of Taurus is to produce results. This is why Joe will always tend to think about how to make money in very specific ways. To him, receiving money for what he has created is a true validation that he has produced something of value. It would be very important for Joe to know that he filters information through a Taurus attitude. This means that he needs time to think about the information he receives. He cannot be pushed into a decision.

It is important to understand that there are twelve signs of the zodiac. Your Mercury could be in an entirely different sign than Taurus. And since some signs are not in harmony with each other, it is very helpful to know if it will be easy or difficult for you to communicate with another person. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by doing a little research.

You will quickly discover that by knowing what sign a person's Mercury is in, you will be able you to communicate much better with them. Even though it may not be your style to think the way they do, because your Mercury may be in a different sign, you will certainly understand how to present your ideas in such a way that they will be more open to them.

I am always astounded how little this knowledge is used by most people. It is no surprise why most people don't really understand how another person thinks. They have no effective method for determining what's going on inside of another person's head and how they are processing information.

If you follow the normal route of learning how to communicate with another person, it will usually take a long time. Most people say, “You simply have to get to know them. " But if you can learn how to check out the zodiac position of their Mercury, this time-wasting path is really unnecessary.

Maybe it time for you to learn where your own Mercury is located. You can find detailed information on the signs at this location .

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Randall Curtis is a professional astrologer with world-wide clients. He is the author of "No One Is a Mystery - How to Use the Planets to Understand Anybody . If you wish to become a certified, professional astrologer, check out The Institute of Professional Astrology .


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How to Know If a Girl Likes You 3 Mind Blowing Ways to Read Her Mind
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