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"Is Life Predestined?" is a very common question that people always ask and if it is predestined then what is the point of doing this and that, why not just let it be and wait. It is said, “Broaden your mind so it can contain all the things in the world; empty your mind so it can accept all the goodness in the world; calm your mind so it can tolerate all the happenings in the world; be composed so you can observe all the principles in the world; be placid so you can accept all the opinions in the world. "

Let's see how life can be predestined according to the teachings of Taoism:

There is a department in the spiritual world that decides on the life-span of a person to be reborn - whether he/she should have a long life or a short life. On Earth it is said, there are persons, noble and wealthy, who enjoy long life. There are also noble and wealthy persons who die at an early age. There are poor and humble people with long life, and other poor and humble people who have short life. Also there are others who die of vexation, agony, drowning; some soon after birth, some a short while after living, some a few years later. Again there are others who are fated to be law breakers whose death is decided by Government authorities; and others who die through murder, and so on and so forth. All these deaths are the result of some fatal calamity. But there are others who are destined to die of unnatural or accidental death.

As for the reward and punishment, there is also a department in charge of deciding what classification of transmigration of the soul, after death to another body, a soul should be reborn:

Generally, if a person when alive, did many charitable deeds, he will be reborn into a family having a history of many generations of nobility and wealth. Those who were evil will be reborn into families having a history of poverty and suffering in several generations. Those who were very sinful will be reborn as beasts or animals for generations, after which they will then be reborn as human beings, or to be reborn forever as worms, insects, fish, etc. This is sure, and no one can escape from this fatal calamity.

Can then fate be changed? Yes, for three types of people. A very good person, a very bad person and a person who has received Tao. Before receiving Tao, it is said, fate will determine his life; after receiving Tao, he can determine his fate.

If a wealthy person who suddenly becomes sinful, or a poor person who does a lot of good deeds, he can change his fate from good to bad or bad to good. A Tao devotee knows the meaning of Karma or cause and effect, hence he can change his fate by practising Tao. Generally, the present life of a person comprised of 70% of the actions of the immediate past last life and 30% of the current actions of this life. Nevertheless, there is yet a glimmer of hope because, my Heavenly Master JiGong said, “No matter what kind of karma or causal seeds you have sown and created in the past, as long as you reconize the Truth and cultivate honestly in this life, your good thoughts can definitely be sensed and responded to by Heaven. "

Author: T. A Chew

T. A Chew, an accountant by profession, has seen many wealthy people became down and out and many poor people became filthy rich in the corporate world. Knowing these people himself, he realized the truth of the teachings of karma and the answer to the question “Is Life Predestined?"


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