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To understand “awakening" of the inner soul, we have to know what are “the body is empty, " “the heart is empty, " “the soul is empty, " and “the Dharma is empty?"

This is the explanation according to Tao of Heaven:

'The body is given by the parents, thus one inherits characteristics from them. There are nine portals (the nine portals are two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, mouth, anus, and urinary portal) in a human body that different kinds of impurity constantly flow through. The body is a brief combination of the four elements (fire, water, earth and wind) which eventually must disintegrate. Thus, the wise knows that the body is an illusion, and although he is alive, he treats his body as if he were dead. He only uses this illusory body to learn about Tao and to practise it. That is to awaken to “the body is empty. "

Once one awakes to “the body is empty, " he then reflects upon his heart. The heart is not born nor does it disappear. It is most divine and mysterious. When images appear, it also appears. As images disappear, it too disappears. If one is awakened to his True Nature, he is always aware of the Truth and will never stray away. His heart would not follow the cravings of desires and emotions, and is always directed by his True Self. That is to awaken to “the heart is empty. "

As one awakes to “the heart is empty, " he then reflects upon his True Self. The True Self is in ultimate quiescence. When there is any change, it is inspired and is all knowing. The changes of the True Self are endless. Its divinity and mysticism cannot be comprehended. As one realizes the bright virtues of his own True Self and transcends the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, he is enlightened and has all of the wisdom. His soul is mystic and natural. When he becomes still, he is eternal. That is to awaken to “the soul is empty. "

When one awakes to “the soul is empty, " he then examines all Sutras and Dharmas the Buddha left. He realizes all Sutras and Dharmas are guides leading people to enlightenment, just like water is used to wash dusts and medicine is used to cure sickness. Once one awakes to that the heart and soul are “empty, " he needs no Dharma, just like the sick does not need any more medicine once he gets well. That is to awaken to “the Dharma is empty. "

In conclusion, the True Dharma is nothing but to awake to the origin of the heart. If one's fancies do not end, he is tied down by desires. The heart originally is pure and tranquil, but it suddenly alternates between activities and tranquillity. The heart originally has nothing, but it abruptly becomes not empty. When it is not empty, yet is tranquil and pure constantly, it has all of the wisdom. When inspired, it knows everything. If any thought appears, wisdom would be hidden. Being pure and tranquil as the norm, knowing that all Dharmas are useless, and thinking of no good or evil so to be envisioned as foolish or inept are called practising Tao.

Thus, without any thought is the meaning of tranquillity. Ridding of all thoughts as they appear is the meaning of Dharma. Following Dharma is the meaning of practice. One who wishes to become a Buddha must make no distinction between himself and the others. Therefore, to become a Saint or to become an ordinary is one's own choice. '

The teaching says, “Emptiness is not actually empty. Existence is nothingness; nothingness is existence. Both existence and nothingness are of the same essence. Image is emptiness; emptiness is image. The Void is neither an image nor emptiness. The Void cannot be seen or heard and it is beyond images and emptiness. "

Those who can be awakened to this explanation are not simple people. They must have been very good cultivators in their past lives.

Author: T. A Chew

T. A Chew, an accountant by profession, was told that when discussing about mysticism and talk about the Void and Awakening, not many can understand as it cannot be seen or heard. Just like happiness is there and happiness is not there. It is just a very mysterious world, those who can understand will understand.


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