Jesus as a Pagan Deity


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What did Lou Gehrig's doctors say he had? “Mr. Gehrig, I’m afraid you have ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease’. “Huh? Say what, Doc?”

By the same token, Jesus was not a Christian. There were no Christians at the time. Only “The Disciples of Jesus the Christ”. Later shortened to just plain “Christians”. By the same token Abraham was not a Jew.

Nor was Jesus a Jew, though, of course, he was born one. The Jews were the ones who had him nailed to a cross. Well, they more or less bad-mouthed him to the Romans who did the actual deed. Either way, the charge was “SEDITIO”—sedition-stirring resentment amongst the peons, making them dissatisfied with their rank as lowly scum beneath contempt.

What was Jesus, then? Jesus was a Pagan-a great Pagan. Here's why: Jesus worked magyc, though Christians prefer the term “miracle” to set him above the other Magi of the age. Many of his spells can be found in The Greek Magical Papyri as detailed in Morton Smith’s book Jesus the Magician. Professor Smith (1915-1991) was no fool but a highly respected academian and translator of numerous ancient texts. Nor are his views in contrary to the writings of Jesus’ own disciples who considered him a magician in the style of the time.

Perhaps he learned these Hermitic spells while on the run in Egypt as a youth. No one knows. Nor is it written. All we know is that when he next appeared in scripture he could change water into wine. In addition, Jesus believed what he chose not what the priests told him to believe.

Nor did his beliefs include a hell where his heavenly father fully intended to take it out on sinners after they died. His beliefs bore no devil-contrary to popular beliefs-but the devils that dwell within. Satan and hell were both later additions, attributed to Jesus but actually fabricated by mere mortals for their own purposes. (see Wicca and Christianity)

In addition, he honored the Goddess in women and placed them as equals to men. This concept alone could get you killed in biblical Judea.

Jesus upheld the power of love for all humanity as the highest ideal. It was this love he invoked to work his magyc and miracle.

Today the Fundamentalist Christian Church is a bastion of hell, damnation, and Armageddon, fostering the most heinous crimes ever committed against humanity. From the Pogroms of the Emperor Constantine to the Inquisition (and continued persecution of anyone not Christian as exemplified by the Crusades and the Burning Times) to the present crimes of child molestation no other group has such a un-Christ like record.

And while this may have mainly been a Catholic thing, the self appointed evangelists are not far behind. Only their contemporary inhumanity is more commonplace in its shunning of those not in agreement that Jesus is everyone’s personal savior, and anyone that believes otherwise is going to hell. (see Wicca and Christianity)

However it comes out this is not Jesus’ teaching. Not really. Jesus was about love and these people are about hate.

We, are Jesus’ way.

As such, we should honor him as a Pagan deity.

The only problem I see is that it’s possible that Jesus was a real person. I say “possible” because there isn’t a shred of evidence that Jesus actually existed as a citizen of Judea.

All the same, I suspect he lived. I say this because his exploits are far too tame for a made-up deity.

Who knows, perhaps all of our Pagan deities had origins in flesh and blood heroes that became gods as their legend grew.

Certainly Jesus is usually revered as a god.

And what a perfect deity Jesus is to inspire us: someone we can look up to as a great magician, healer, and as a God of Love in the Pagan pantheon. We should consider invoking him in our spells.

And think what fun it will be when the Christians find out we usurped their raison d’etre, their reason to exist.

More than fun, let’s see them wiggle out of this one. ‘So, are you saying we can’t take Jesus as our personal savior?’

That should start to pay them back for murdering our brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus. Or should we, in the words of Jesus, “turn the other cheek”? Only make it our butt cheeks. LOL

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