Past Life Regression in Hypnosis: Clearing Preconception Contracts

David Quigley

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In this sequence of articles, we have been exploring some powerful new techniques in the field of past life regression (PLR) therapy. We've discussed healing trauma, contacting creative abilities, clearing past life karma, and examining contracts which affect our present relationships. In this final article we examine one of the most fundamental of all contracts, the Pre-Conception Contract (PCC) that we make with our higher self prior to this incarnation.

Many clients come to my office wanting to know why certain patterns of suffering seem to persist in their lives despite their best efforts to be different. These could include chronic illness, relationship problems, continuing financial struggles, and many other painful personal challenges that just don't go away. Others come to me because they are seeking some destiny or purpose in their lives. For these clients, exploring the preconception contract can be very helpful.

Not every client who comes to me is able to access this contract. I'm not sure that every human enters a body with such a contract in place, although many spiritual teachers maintain that this is a part of every soul's preparation for entering a body. Certainly, it has been my experience that many people are vaguely aware that they have some special purpose in being on the planet. For these individuals, it is possible to access this PCC. It is even possible at times to change some details of this contract.

The process begins with a deep induction, in which we call upon the subconscious mind to take us back to a time before this incarnation when the client is planning their next lifetime. This experience has certain common but unusual features for most clients who experiences this journey. The landscape in which the client finds themselves is a strange otherworldly space filled with light. On a high bench a group of robed spiritual beings sits and an air of solemnity fills the room. The near universality of these details for clients who have no metaphysical background lends credence, I believe, to the truth of these experiences.

The client usually needs to start the session with complaints. “Why did you do this to me?" are the general theme. These spirits then explain, and point out that “You did, after all, agree to these conditions for your spiritual development. " After some more grumbling the client explores the details of this agreement, and the reasons for it, in terms of the individual soul's long term evolution. Then we can ask for modifications in the contract.

One of my clients, a lovely and lonely woman in her mid forties, discovered that her contract had included a condition of being a single woman. She questioned the necessity of this condition. Her guides said it wasn't a necessary part of her purpose and agreed to change this item in the agreement. . . Within weeks, she found a loving relationship which has been fulfilling for the last ten years. Another client discovered and changed a provision about remaining childless. She was able to change this agreement even though her doctor had determined her to be sterile. I was skeptical myself of this new fertility-only to hear from her a month later that she was pregnant. Now she is the proud mother of two children.

Not every clause in this contract however is open to negotiation. My own story provides a relevant example. When I became crippled with rheumatoid arthritis in my late twenties, I was appalled, since hiking and mountaineering are my favorite activities. The disease runs in my family, so I was told by my doctor and my parents that I would probably suffer with this the rest of my life. I had to look at my contract around this. My higher self showed me a vision of myself as a spiritual teacher. I was on track to become a painting contractor at the time. I had enormous resistance to the teaching path, partly because I felt unworthy; party because I did not want such enormous responsibility for other people's spiritual evolution. But my guidance was insistent.

So I told them that if they healed my arthritis I would do whatever they wanted, putting my life path entirely in their hands. The answer: Do a ceremony of commitment on Wednesday, and you'll have your healing on Friday. Skeptical as I was, I did the ritual. On Friday at 6 PM my swollen knee was hit by an intense bolt of pain. Within a few seconds all the swelling was gone and normal, pain-free function was restored. I went hiking the next day - and started preparing for a new career as well. Now I'm glad I didn't change this clause of my contract, since I've enjoyed helping thousands of people over the last twenty- seven years. So keep in mind that your inner guides might actually know better than you what is best for your life!

We offer a listing of practitioners in your area. Our website also offers an extensive library of information about hypnotherapy. This concludes six articles on past life regression therapy. If you are interested in further explorations of this topic, or would like a copy of the other articles in the series, or perhaps are interested in making changes in your life through the techniques of past life regression described here, call our office at 800-950-4984 or visit our website at


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