Angel Readings-5 Important Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring a Reader

Catherine Kasper

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You've looked online and found a reader you think would do a great job reading for you. You phone to ask about her service but you really don't know where to begin or what to ask to be sure she's the one who'll do a top notch job. Don't be shy; use these 5 questions to get the information you need.

1. How long have you been doing this type of work?
Find a reader who tells you how she's been using this skill throughout her life. Find a reader who is experienced and has many satisfied customers. Find a reader you feel comfortable with and are confident she will keep your business private.

2. Would you give a list of references to me?
You want to know that your reader does a good job and is reputable. She should be able to give you a list of names of satisfied customers as long as your arm, but 4 or 5 will do. Call these people and ask how the reading went for them. You wouldn't hire a plumber without checking his references. Would you trust just anybody to do your reading?

3. What's included in my session fee?
You want to know what type of session the reader gives. Some read cards, some use pendulums, some intuit and some hear information directly from source. Some, who are less skilled, simply repeat information they've read on the internet. A description of the reading should be available on her website. If it's not, or she doesn't have a website, be certain to ask so you know what you're getting yourself into.

4. Do you give any free bonuses with the reading?
Some readers have so much more to tell you than can be covered in an hour reading that they give away the rest of the information! You get lots more than you thought you were going to get. They include free copies of their soft cover books, e-books, and inspired artwork. If you're lucky enough to live near by, they'll include you in monthly meetings where you'll learn even more. Some readers live to share what they know and are really teachers at heart, dedicated to spreading Angel messages to all. When you find a reader like this you'll benefit greatly.

5. Can I get in touch with you again?
We learn and grow as a result of having a through Angel reading. Sometimes, readings bring up lots of questions. You want to find a talented Angel reader who is dedicated and does this legitimately and legally as a business. She's the one who'll be around next month or next year when you want to find her and have additional readings. The ones who don't even use their own names and who might have to run from the IRS probably won't be.

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