How To Walk On The Path Of Peace (Part 5 of 6)


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As you surrender your limiting beliefs you will begin to see things differently. When you are holding on to any passion, discrimination, like or dislike, you see all things through the lens of that particular bias, and will see only your own perceptions. When you are free from all discrimination, preferences, and preconceptions, free of your limiting beliefs, you see yourself as you are; see others as they are; and see all things through the eyes of Truth.

Having nothing to attack, nothing to defend, nothing to conceal, and no interests to guard, you are at peace. You have realized the profound simplicity of Truth, for this unbiased, tranquil, blessed state of mind and heart is the state of Truth.

Only in the peace and bliss of Truth is all sorrow released. If you suffer disappointment because your cherished plans have been let down, or because someone has not come up to your expectations, it is because you are clinging to your limiting beliefs. If you are overwhelmed with disappointment and regret because of the attitude of someone else toward you, it is because you have been cherishing your own limiting beliefs about how everyone else should be. If you are hurt because of what has been done to you or said of you, it is because you are walking in the painful way of your own limiting beliefs about yourself. All suffering is of limiting beliefs. All suffering ends in Truth. When you have entered into and realized Truth, you will no longer suffer disappointment, remorse, and regret, and sorrow will flee from you.

Hidden deep in every human heart is the spirit of Divine Love, whose blessed and pure essence is eternal. All else changes and passes away; this alone is permanent and imperishable; and to realize this Love by continual awareness, to live in it and to become fully conscious in it, is to enter into immortality here and now, is to become one with Truth, one with God, one with the central Heart of all things, and to know ones own divine and eternal nature.

To reach this Love, to understand and experience it, you must work at being aware of your thoughts, be patient and have unwavering faith.

Watch yourself, and every slip, every pang of pain will show you where you have work to do, and what you have to let go of to experience divinity and Unconditional Love. And as you proceed, day-by-day detaching yourself more and more from your limiting beliefs, the Love that is unlimited will gradually become revealed to you. And when you are growing patient and calm, when your anger, and irritabilities are falling away from you, and prejudices cease to have power over you, then you will know that the divine is awakening within you.

Unconditional Love is distinguished from conditional love in its freedom from judgment. Conditional love clings to particular ideas of how things should be or how people should act, and when those ideas are not lived up to, deep is the resultant suffering. Unconditional Love contains within itself the whole, without clinging to any part, and they who come to it gradually, releasing their preconceived ideas, cease from suffering. No suffering can result from that Love which is so absolutely pure that it seeks nothing for itself.

But how may you attain to this sublime realization? The answer which Truth has always given is, - “Empty thyself, and I will fill thee. "

Divine unconditional Love is not a mere sentiment or emotion; it is a state of knowledge which dissolves limitations, and lifts the soul into the joyful realization of all possibilities and the supreme Good. This state of knowledge flows into your consciousness as you meditate upon it, and as you go about your day.

Where hatred, dislike, and condemnation are, Unconditional Love is not experienced. It is experienced only in the heart that has been freed from all judgment.

You might say, “How can I love the drunkard, the hypocrite, the thief, the murderer? If you ask this in true sincerity, Love will open the door of understanding for you. You will become aware of the causes by which these people have become as they are, to enter into their intense suffering, and to know the certainty of their ultimate purification. This awareness will fill you with a deep compassion for them and make it impossible for you to dislike or judge them.

When your heart is centered in Unconditional Love, you do not discriminate against others, or seek to convince others of your own opinions and views. Knowing the Law of Love, you live it, and maintain the same calmness of mind and sweetness of heart towards all.

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