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What would you do if you knew you only had six days left to live? You may think that is wired, but don’t you think that some things you will find more important than others? I am sure you would? Would you drink yourself to death literally, drink for six days straight just getting drunk all the time, forgetting your loved ones and letting your last days be a stupor. I think not!

I bet you would spend all the time in the world with your family, friends and anyone who you consider worthy of your last days on this earth. So the next time your child gets a whole in his jeans and you are ready to yell at him or her, remember six days left you might want to bend down and hug him and tell him there will be more jeans to be bought and it could have happened to anyone.

Your wife forgets to get you a pack of cigarettes and you go ballistic and start to yell at her and you don’t talk for two days. Guess what you went to bed tonight going to make up with her the next day and boom you died, it was your six’s day and she never knew you were sorry and how much you loved her and all the children. Now how would that make you feel?

Could that be hell when you realize that you let it go one day to late. Your wife will remember your loving smile or the fight you had over a pack of cigarettes? When you’re last six’s days come are you going to be Ready, get things done that you always wanted to get done and continue to make the relationships the best you possible can.

Remember today is the first day of your last six days and you had better start acting like it because you won’t get another chance and when you stand in front of God and he reviews your life and you see that you wasted all the last six days of your life, that is what Hell is about, knowing what you should have done and didn’t do it you wasted all those last six days,

That is were their will be gnashing of the teeth and you may think you aren’t worthy enough, then the cool part is this, Jesus wipes your eyes and you don’t ever shed another tear and he says well done though good and faithful servant come on in So make the last six days of your life the best that you can possible make them, your son, daughter, wife and you will be the happiest people that ever lived on the earth, what you have done unto the least of them you have done unto me, and the truth will set you free!

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