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What if you were never born? What if you could look at your life before you left the no thing to come into the world of form? Would you still come? I mean can we put our life on hold? Can we see our life before we live it and if we can will you choose to come?

While we are trying to figure out if we want to leave the Father, our life on earth is waiting and what if what we shall see, was only a small glimpse of our life and we now have the knowledge that we need to leave the nest so to speak and boom, we are born into the world as we know it.

Now we have forgotten a great part of what it was like before we left the Father and surly but slowly, we get small glimpse of what are life was like and this in turn shows us what we want to try and become. The more you remember the father you will go and this will even add pleasure to your life as you now know you are on a mission.

If you are on a mission, what will you gauge it with? Remember that you looked at your life? Once you remember more and more about it you will be able to know and what you want to avoid and what you want to pursue. I call this our Soul Purpose.

What is our Soul Purpose and how can it change our life for the better? Well once you remember what it is you don’t want, a feeling will overcome you, as to what you do want and then in a twinkling of an eye your spiritual journey will start and this is what we call our Soul Purpose.

Once you figure out what is the purpose of your life I am sure you will find that you have a new kick in your step and that you will literally will never be the same and you should focus on helping others out. Zig Ziglar says if you help enough other people get what they want, you will surly end up getting what you want, and I find this to be fundamentally true.

So your soul purposes will catapult you to a higher spiritual level. This is an area that you will want to develop throughout the rest of your life, when you think you have it licked, up a level you go and you will be influencing others to reach there higher calling and they through you will find there soul purpose and this is the part that you could not see when you were in the no thing with God and you were waiting to be born into this world of form.

Now are you starting to see how this all works its way out? Can you see where we get a little glimpse of our life and this sparks us to a higher level and it will catapult us to a higher level and all our disciples will learn from us and we will make them fishers of men in our own right.

Can this be possible you may be asking yourself? Sure it can, do you think God stopped talking to us two thousand years ago? I say hell no, he uses anyone he sees fit to carry on his message and to spread his word. So yes God still talks to us every day, the only question that I’ll ask you is this, ARE YOU LISTENING?

With Much Love,

Arthur Buchanan
Out of Darkness & Into the Light
43 Oakwood Ave. Suite 1012
Huron Ohio, 44839
567-219-0994 (cell)

Leading Psychiatrists are calling Arthur a ‘walking miracle'-After 15 years in mental institutions, absorbing inhumane shock treatments, abusing alcohol, he's now being called worldwide’ The Zig Ziglar of Mental Illness ‘Read about his amazing comeback and what #1 best-selling author Mike Litman has called The Most Inspirational Book of 2002’ Out of Darkness - One Man's Journey From The Depths Of Mental Illness to Pure Joy


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