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As a Taoist in the early part of my life where I grew up near a temple, I witnessed mediums going into trance and performing many kinds of actions. Some performed very scary stances, some in trance helping devotees in trouble and some trying to cure the explained sicknesses. Very often devotees came to ask for lucky numbers. As a Taoist, I always wore a talisman for protection against any evils.

In June 1977, while pursuing my professional accountancy course and preparing for two very important parts that had eight papers, I fell sick two weeks before the examination. I had a very bad diarrhoea and consulted doctors three times. The medicine ranging from white to black could not stop my diarrhoea and after taking so much medicine, I developed very bad hiccups that were similar to a very bad cough. I was very sad because I came from a very poor family and the money didn't come easy for my study.

I thought that I wouldn't be able to sit for the examination after studying so hard and spending so much money. I prayed to the deity to cure my diarrhoea and hiccups but there were no improvement. One night, about three days before my examination and after about ten days of sufferings and purging of at least twenty times a day, I was very weak and could hardly climb up the stairs; I went into a small empty room. I sat down on the floor and my tears came running down my cheeks.

Suddenly I thought of Jesus Christ and in deep silence I spoke to him. “Dear Jesus Christ, I pray that you would help me to cure my diarrhoea and hicupps so that I could sit for my accountancy examination. I studied very hard and the education money did not come easy and I was from a poor family. Please help me go through the examination and I do not mind if the diarrhoea and hicupps come back again after my examination. If you could cure me, I would always believe in you. "

Immediately after this prayer, my hiccups stopped and I no longer had the uneasy feeling in my stomach. I felt that I was cured although I could hardly believe it. I told myself it might be a temporary relief and again I spoke to Jesus Christ that if it were real, I would have definitely believed in him.

As it was already quite late I went to bed and for the first time after almost ten days of suffering without proper sleep, I slept like a log. I woke up the next morning, fresh from a very sound sleep and I was very happy. Then I went to take a bath and brushed my teeth. After brushing my teeth without further hiccups and diarrhoea and while combing my hair, I looked into the mirror and saw the talisman around my neck in the mirror that was given to me for my protection. Then I told myself that I have already made a vow that I will believe in Jesus Christ and I should not be wearing this talisman any longer. Immediately after this thought, the brass talisman hook broke and it dropped onto the floor. I got a shock and knew that it was a sign that I must no longer be wearing the talisman and be a Christian.

I recuperated from the diarrhoea and hiccups and I went in good health for my examination that lasted for about a week. After the last paper, I went for a swim in a public swimming pool. After diving into the pool, immediately I felt like purging, I jumped up from the pool and headed for the toilet.

The diarrhoea came back with small hiccup but since there was no examination pressure, it was easily cured with medication. I passed the examination with flying colors and it was a great achievement with the blessing of Jesus Christ and Heaven.

On 28th April 1998, my house in Malaysia was officially opened as a temple of Tao of Heaven and there were more than thirty Taiwanese Tao masters and preachers and one of them, a lady had the eyes that could see the unseen. We had never been met before and she was a guest in the ceremony. Suddenly she told everybody that Jesus Christ and many White Saints were present to congratulate me for opening the temple. Then everybody realized that I was a Christian that had affinity with Jesus Christ and God definitely treats all of us as his children regardless of race and religion. Thanks God that in Tao of Heaven, there is no differentiation of religion or race, it embraces all religions and faiths and I am still able to go to church and offer my gratitude sometimes when my former Christian brothers and sisters invited me.

In the teachings of Tao of Heaven, we addressed God as “Lao Mu" (The mother of all souls) and she said that God is one and the same. There are no two Gods, it is only people who made it different. God, Jehovah, Allah, Lao Mu. . . is the same and all of us are brothers and sisters between the four seas and we are from Heaven.

Author: T. A Chew

T. A. Chew, hopes that people can live in peace and one of the missions of Tao of Heaven is to unify all religions so that the world can live in peace. Devotees of Tao of Heaven pray daily 3 times for the deferment of the Final Catastrophe so as to save as many people as possible. Website: http://www.white-sun.com

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