Has God Answered Your E-mail?

Arthur Levine

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You know the one I am talking about, the one where you stripped away your inhibitions and used your imagination to compose a prayer in the form of an imaginary e-mail to God. Has he answered you yet? Are you listening for his words of wisdom?

Please, what ever you do, don’t delete his message of kindness and caring.

When you learn to use your imagination to help you build your faith in God, you will be able to receive the words of the Lord. You will be able to call yourself a Person of Faith.

You are a good and worthwhile person and you are entitled to have your prayers answered. You can communicate with God. When you do you will begin to believe in that which you cannot see or understand. That’s why you need to use your imagination.

You need to allow yourself to dig deep down within your imagination and find your faith. Your imagination holds the key to finding your faith. It is the act of unlocking your imagination that will enable you to reveal your deepest feelings of faith to yourself.

Opt in to having faith in God. Opt in to a life of merit, virtue, and bliss.

When you do, you will shortly discover a wonderful state of peace of mind. You will begin to feel secure. You will stop worrying about acts of terrorism and natural disasters. You will begin to feel wonderful. You will begin to rely on your faith.

Stop trying to patch yourself together with temporary patches and pills when the only patch you really need is a patch of faith. Create your own faith patch from your imagination. It can become your symbol of faith.

Don’t relegate your true feelings of faith to your junk folder or spam control. Allow your feelings of faith to burst forth. Learn how to express your feelings of faith. You are entitled to declare yourself a Person of Faith. You are entitled to have faith.

We are all genetically predisposed to have faith. It is an inborn gene that our creator endowed us with from the beginning of mankind. It is your inalienable right to have faith in God. It is your right to believe in God any way that you chose. God gave us all the right to make choices. That’s what makes us human.

Do not deny yourself your faith in God. You are entitled.

When you discover that you are a good and worthwhile person, you will start to realize that you have a right to believe in God any way that you want. You will begin to get the resolve that will help make you a Person of Faith. Do not deny yourself.

Listen closely for the words of God. If you have enough faith you will be able to hear his message of love. Listen closely for his words of wisdom.

It doesn’t matter how you listen or receive the words of the Lord. It doesn’t matter whether they are in the form of an imaginary e-mail. All that really matters is that you receive him into your heart. All that really matters is that you find your faith in God. The important thing is to believe and have faith.

The important thing is to find your faith in God

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Copyright: Arthur Levine 2005

Arthur Levine, Faith Builder Imaginest is the author of the Faith Patch Manual, an e-book that shows people how to find the faith to cope with the troubles of our time. To access the site and receive the first two chapters free go to http://www.faith-patch.com .


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