Are We All We Need?


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Are we all we need? Do we need anything to make us whole? Are we a complete person? What can you do? What’s your potential? Can you grow after you are 80 years old? Will we be able to read minds in the future? All the time and every day for that matter?

When will we find life on another planet? Is it possible that life exist on another planet? Is it possible that there is a life form out there someware but are we whole the way we are? I would say no, now before you get your tail feathers all roughled please hear me out. If you are a man your desire is a woman. If you are a woman your desire is to be with a male.

Why is this? It’s the way God wanted it to be. The two shall leave their home and the two shall become one. Let me assure you if you have found the right mate then you are truly in heaven and you feel whole.

Two hearts beating as one, making love, there is NO greater feeling that one can experience. The most intimate relationship you have with your significant other. You feel so alive, like to can conquer the world.

So you see it is ok to desire the other sex that is the way our creator wanted it. So no we are not all we need, we need a mate to make us whole. If you had no friends then life would be awful boring and your life wouldn’t be much fun. Having a family to some people means the world to them and who could blame them? I have four children myself and I can honestly say without them I would be absolutely lost.

I love being a husband and a dad and I wouldn’t have it any other way! So you see I believe that we are not all we need, that there is much more to life then being alone. Don’t get me wrong every once in a while, I like to be by myself to collect my thoughts. To just think about things and focus on the things that I may need to get done and something’s just would not be able get done without quiet time.

So yes at times we need to be alone but not always, just think how boring that would be and I think it would drive most people crazy.

So be thankful for your family, friends and friendly people you meet here and there and know it is the way God wanted it and be. So be thankful for what you have! The more you give thanks for what you have, the more you will be given to be thankful for!

Please know we are all connected in some way and each of us is Unique, yet we also have so much in common and we are connected and made up of the same stuff and the same universal power holds us all together and this is the LIFE FORCE that we where talking about earlier in the book, so please know pure love is the answer to all of life’s though questions.

With Much Love,

Arthur Buchanan
Out of Darkness & Into the Light
43 Oakwood Ave. Suite 1012
Huron Ohio, 44839
567-219-0994 (cell)

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Are We All We Need?
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